How can I start a new years with bad news about my old friend (or ennemy), my diabetes?

I made a wish for the new year : please can I have a good year with my diabetes? not too much sugar in my blood, a good A1C. And I made a big “analyse” of blood and my Endo said to me that my "creatinine " was not well and that she doesn’t understand why because my “microalbuminurie” is good… Do you drink enough, she asked me two days ago. I can spend a morning without a drink of water or tea. So she sent me an “ordonnance” to remake my analyse in 2 months, with A1C, creatinine and urée. I can feel, there’s something wrong inside myself and I’m going to be afraid about 2010. And of course my A1C is 7,8. My Endo is happy about that because when I switched Lantus to Levemir, she was angry. She didn’t live with one hypo/low in the afternoon and another one in the night. It was a big decision to switch insulin but I read the reports about Lantus, I gained weight. And I’m really sure I took the good decision. Levemir works 24 hours for me but it was hard to find how units I need (thank you Holger and Marps, they were here to help me when my Endo let me in front my new insulin)
But today there are too much bad news: my right eye with its macula oedemia, the bad level of creatinine and the bad A1C. And I can add the snow which is everywhere in my town! 42 years of diabetes in France where type 1 is not a priority of research. We have no French glucometer,and what about the Omnipod? It’s hard to start a new years, 12 months.
Well maybe I must change my Endo and find another but there are few Endos here and I live in the second or third town of my country ( Marseille and Lyon are rivals).
It’s hard to start 2010.

We are all pulling for you Brigitte! Hope you find a good endo too soon.

That’s unfortunate what you are going through Brigitte. If you are getting your tests redone in another 2 months perhaps your Endo is waiting to see if your test comes into the normal range. That’s what they usually do. Sometimes things in Life make our tests go out of range for innocent reasons and then return to normal in the next test. I hope this is your case. I don’t know your regimen so I can’'t comment.

I don’t understand why your numbers are high. You seem to be Very active. If you think that you should choose a different Endo, then I hope that Luck is with you in finding a new and Better Endo. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a hopefully Good 2010.