How can you control yourself for eating too much?

guys, this is the hardest part for me, eating too much is my primary problem not to control my diabetes (Type 2)…but now my dentist required me to wear a braces so i am having a hrad time now eating, so i guess its effective in controling your eating habbits, and will get lower your blood sugar>…hehehe

What have you tried so far?

Give some thought to Symlin. It has excellent appetite control benefits.

Hi Conniie,
i am sorry for the braces and this is more funny than a help, but I have a perfect control right now. I have so many people coming back and forth right now I can’t eat too much. There are so many people watching me. My suggestion, try eating with more people around. With so many people watching your food you won’t get a chance to eat too much. Many people are determined that you won’t get the chance to do it. All I have to do right now is get ready to eat and there are plenty of poeple who tell me what i can and can’t have


I use to use tupperware with 3 sections )sorry, if this doesn’t make sense) you eat only what’s in the tupperware and go about your business. It worked for me, sometimes I have the “See Food” disease, if I see small portions that’s all I’ll eat. Oh! another thing drink water with your meal, it’ll help fill you up fast