How can you know if you are Type 1.5 or Type 2?

Howdy folks,

I have been hearing alot how people are misdiagnosed with one type and actually having the other type. How is that determined exactly? What are the major symptoms that a person would experience that would make them feel they are diagnosed wrong?

What are the tests can be performed to confirm a diagnosis of either or at least eliminate on if he Types?

I am a taking battery of medications, supplements and byetta that has lowered my BS to some degree. But my endo is not happy so she started me on levemir in the mornings. Now the levemir (taken as perscribed) in combo with the other meds. with drop my BS to about 120-135 with no problem. I actually did a couple of days with just the levermir (at a higher dose than prescribed) w/metformin will drop me down below 100.

So I have been wondering and actually type 1.5 or just an Insulin dependant Type 2. Either is fine with me because I am around a bunch of lovely people here at tudiabetes!!!...


Hey Christalyn, Wondering if you have read the past threads on 1.5 on the main page. . It gives a wealth of information on tests and how people knew or suspected they were 1.5. Glad your numbers are coming down on the insulin. Thats great.

I would read those threads. It takes awhile but you will learn alot.

Take care.

Here’s s story about that Life with Type 1.5/LADA: How it all started

Thanks! I really began wondering about this because of the misdiagnoses I keep hearing about. I think ultimately I am Type 2 for Life.

When my Endo started me on the insulin there wasn’t a whole lotta change. I just changed my own dosage then I started to notice the numbers dropping.


I have a few of the symptoms but they match type 2. I had a bout with the incurable yeast infection twice before. That was not fun… i don’t consider myself lean but I don’t think I am overtly phat either. I am overweight. I haven’t had a c-peptide test or the other testing. Unless they did it and didn’t tell me. I have lots of blood work done. I definately have a Type 2 history. I am just wondering because with all the meds and me increasing my insulin dosage seem to be working better than what the doctor said to do originally.

I think I am Type 2 but this is good information to know.


My son was diagnosed in Nov. They weren’t sure if he was a T1 or T2 and they put him on insulin and metformin. When is GAD 65 and other aniboties came back they were off the charts. This is when they told me he was def. not a type 2 and that he was a type 1. Sometimes when you are first diagnosed your sugars can be so high that you act insulin resistant I think.

My son’s NP said that any time BG is consistently high for a period of weeks or months and the majority of insulin is coming in boluses, cells become insulin resistant, and that this can happen if the basal insulin is too low (it’s also something that happens during a growth spurt because of how growth hormone interferes with insulin). This was after we had reviewed Eric’s basal rate because he was constantly out of range - the nurse determined his basal rate was lower than his age & weight called for, and the insulin resistance had probably started with a growth spurt and continued after because we didn’t raise his basal rate to meet his changed needs. We raised the basal by about 25%, brought him into range, and for about 2 weeks he was stable, then he suddenly started having lows. The NP then said that it was likely that the stability in his BG from the increased basal insulin had resolved his insulin resistance and it was OK to back off a little, which I did - took it down by maybe 5% - and we’ve had no issues with repeated highs or lows since, at least not that weren’t obviously related to an illness.

So, in a nutshell, it’s actually normal for T1s to be somewhat insulin-resistant when they’re first diagnosed, but it generally resolves pretty quickly with insulin therapy. And exercise! That was another factor. Eric is an energizer-bunny kid and that also helped to reduce his insulin resistance.