How cold can Apidra get?

Have some sky high readings on third pod day, looking back, I did put the Apidra in the outside cool pocket of a drink cooler (do it wouldn’t get too hot) while we were at a watermark, itt was never near freezing but now I wonder if it got too cold? How do you bring your extra vial if you are going to be Iout for the day like that in the hot summer?

Natalie, when I was on MDI.. I went every where my friends and family did.. Just had to take my insulin with me. It never got too cold, never even close to frezing.. Just make sure it does not get too hot!! The apidra box says the cold range is 35-46 degrees and The printed insert with all the pharmacuetical info reads, "Change the ifusion set ,resevoir with insulin, and infusion site if the insulin has been in temperatures....over 98..6"
When I was on MDI and was not using pens,I was able to accomplish this by storage with ice or frozen replacements ( like the smallest "Frio" bags. On my not day outings, If at the beach where I am probably disconnecting and may be "unthered" for a whle, I put either the vial of apidra (or a pre-filled resevoir)in a secure zip-loc bag . I then put the "insulin source pag" in the cooler, in ice, with the rest of our beverages.(BTW Natalie. what is the "outside packet of a drink co0ler"? Do You mean the little coolers? I do not have one ?)I also put in a couple of syringes along with the insulin, doesn't matter if they get wet, just as long as the INSULIN is cold . It Has stayed cold for up to 6-7 hours, as long as the frio bag, or ice in the cooler, is still frozen or at least close to cold. I do not push it to eight hours on a very hot day( 0ver 85 for 4+ hours.) Usually by the end of such a day we are in an A/C setting.

I Have not had experiences with the Omnipod, as I am a MM pump user. There are probably many more advanced ways to store and to transport insulin in the heat, but I am an "Old Skool'Betic" and this has worked for me in the past. I will continue to do so in the future for my "hot fun in the summertime" activities.However,this is a great post you started, Natalie. I am very open to new ideas and hearing how others operate in the sun.

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I place my insulin in a wide mouth SS steel vacuum bottle with a freezer pack inside. If I have a car I will use my Insulin fridge it runs on 12v, 120v,or 220v...and will hold up to 9 bottles of insulin or 3 pins. Sometimes I also placed my insulin in a plastic pill bottle and just let it float around in a ice chest (Drink Cooler) will not freeze.

You can also get a frio which is designed to keep insulin at the right temperature when it's hot out.

I have had insulin absorption issues on the third day of an infusion site. It doesn't happen every time but it's happened often enough that I try to switch sites every second day instead.

Do you have a site rotation plan? I just started one recently and think it will give some of my more frequently used sites a longer time to heal.

I've used a Frio sleeve to store my insulin vial when I plan to be out in the hot sun for extended periods.

yep we rotate pretty well, right now we're using upper back for the first time, and I just go in a line down her flank about inch apart, alternating from right to left side, we get about 10 sites that way, then I go horizontal over an inch or so and go back... another ten sites... first time we've gone above the bottom, but seems to absorb quickly as the stomach site ( hurts) i have better luck staying at a site and rotating rather than going back and forth between back bottom, belly, leg, etc, because I can see where we have been more easily, and we don't have that variable of the site absorption, since the general area has the same amount of fat...