How come after a Low

How come after a Low my Muscles hurt so much.
I woke to sweating and shaking this am, and it took 5 glucose and pepsi and more pepsi to get me to 82.
I took my shot, ate breakfast and the muscles starting hurting and they hurt all day.

When I was very young my head the back of it would hurt, and now when much older I get these muscle aches.

Perhaps you had a seizure. During a seizure a Person is unconscious and their muscles tense up tight until the seizure ends. They also do not remember it.

Hi Hismouse! I’m wondering if the aches you’re talking about are happening because of the excessive shaking/twitching that may have been caused from going low? Sounds like you were really low if you had to take 5 glucose tabs, and pepsi to bring you back up to a safe 82. At that low of a level you could have been easily seizing in your sleep while your system reacted with its own internal glucagon which rose your levels just enough for you to wake up and eat some sugar.

Any idea why you awoke so low in the first place?

I have muscle aches after a severe low as well. I assume it is because of the shaking while I am low and after my blood sugar comes back up, I have chills. The deeper the chills and the longer they last, the more I ache. If I can jump into a warm shower fairly soon after the chills begin (a half an hour or so), letting the water stream down my back and the back of my neck, the aches aren’t as bad later on.

Western Washington State

Why did I wake up,I’m not sure…It seemed like a starled time waking up, then I noticed all the extreme sweat all over me, and I felt so weak…grabbed my Glucose meter and shaking so bad I couldn’t take my BS. I leave the top off the glucose tabs just in case, and I poured them out, and took 2 and Jim got me some Pepsi because he saw how I was. I drank that, about a total of 1 cup. He took my Bs for me about 15 min later and it was 82. I was aching so bad.
Today I wake up and my BS is 133, I slept so deep, and woke so groggy, Jim kept saying you need to get up and eat and get your shot… So did I have another early am low, I don’t know, the groggys lasted til around noon today.

Sometimes I sleep on the couch, Jim snores so bad, it is what I do, and that night I was on the couch. So alone, and who knows what my body was doing. Kinda scary…

I had 1 noticable seizure many yrs ago in the middle of the night. I was Pregnant and the Idiot I was Married to, told me in the am, he thought it was entertaining…he didn’t give a hoot about my health. Kicked him to the moon yrs later.