How cool, Maxed out a new Hi BG

Woke up this morning and the sun hurt my head, reached for my meter and ya know what it said, 220 OOO crap slept ate pancakes I think

Back to the drawing board, and a walk, double the meds and we’ll see

Bump my head, at least I’m not er bound yet

220 isn’t too terrible… is NOT good, but it’s not terrible. When you start getting up into the 300’s that’s where it’s bad.

A girl in my school was just diagnosed with diabetes recently, and she had a BG of 585 and about passed out… i’ve been higher than 600 without too many ill effects. (felt bad, but i could still walk, talk, be human, ect) Just goes to show that different people have different tolerances to BG levels.

Came down in the low 100’s with in hours. Have to watch binge eating,
Big D