How did you start on your Dexcom?


So I am wondering if you were required by your Endo to go in for training, or if you started with the DVD that came with the Dex? Should have my Dexcom in the next couple days and wanted to know what your experience was.

Just offering this as a data point, but I did everything myself. Got the package in the mail, read the instructions, re-read them, and then went ahead.

Hi Seth,
I started mine from the website video and book with pix too. Worked well no problems. Sweated a little with trying to pull the plunger off the base, but just went slowly and took a few deep breathes and called for patience. It’s not hard, you can do it!

Yes…it was my endo that started me. I actually stopped using the Dexcom abuot 2 mos ago (after being on it for 6 mos) due to extreme errors in the readings. I know others are not having thte same degree problems I was having, but my readings were often off by 200 poins. !st thing I learned was no Tylenol, it messes it up bad! (acetominaphen is the culpret, so that means lots of other OTC medications as well) Then, there were hosts of other problems that I jsut couldnt take anymore. Good luck to you, howevrer!

Dexcom sent a trainer to meet with me. she had me read the booklet ahead of time, and then got me started including a practice sensor insertion. the whole meeting was about a half hour.

started with the RN from my endo. She is awesome and made it really easy to set everything quickly without having to read the manual. :slight_smile:

My doctor actually had me on a Dex trial about a month before mine arrived. During the trial the trainer showed me how to insert it and change setting on the receiver so when mine got here I called him and he gave me a go ahead to do it on my own. The inserter is a pain so if you’ve got any questions I’d wait, but if you can follow instructions I see no reason not to start right up.

The tylenol isn’t a problem for me… but finding a cold medicine I could take last winter was a pain. :slight_smile:

My CDE (affiliated with a local hospital) trained me. She also trained me on my Omnipod. Attaching and inserting the sensor is the hard part. And one time I had a senior moment and forgot to start the sensor. Later when I was expecting to be prompted for the two startup BGs I was “what’s going on here?” Then “duh”!

I didn’t have any training. I watched the tutorial on-line a couple of times. Then I played the tutorial while I was inserting my first sensor. It’s pretty easy. My second attempt was less successful. (Do NOT pull up on the collar at the same time you are pushing down the plunger.) My last sensor change took about 30 seconds. It’s pretty easy once you do it. Dexcom was very kind about replacing the sensor at no charge. You’ll do fine.

We watched the video, and I found other videos on youtube that helped. By the time it arrived I’d memorized the instructions and inserted one on myself (Dexcom sent me one to try even though it’s for my son) and then the Dexcom support person emailed me to tell me I needed training. I declined it and we are fine. One word of warning - for some reason for us (and I’ve heard for some others) the first night of a sensor always goes really high, then goes to ??? and then in the next couple of hours comes back in right on. So don’t freak out if it does anything weird on the first night/day of a sensor. : )

I did this once too! It’s a pain but not the end of the world (unless it’s bedtime!)

There was a DVD with the Dex? :wink:

Kidding, but I didn’t do any formal training past having my CDE throw a sensor on me as a trial a few weeks before I got my own… after that I was off and running.

Thanks everyone. I don’t think I would have a problem starting it myself (I’m a pretty sharp cookie) but I think my Endo’s RN wants me to come in to get started - more than a month after I get it! Now I have been having communication problems with scheduling, I think they are getting pump training and CGM training confused or not relaying my messages correctly. I should be getting a call from the RN today so I hope I can get everything straightened out. I am jumping at the bit to get started!

Sorry, a little late on this Seth but I just talked to my Dexcom rep. I don’t have my Dexcom yet, but the rep said that I should be able to get started just by reviewing the instructions and visiting the website. He said that if I have any problems at all, I can call the tech support. If I’m still unsure, I can call Dexcaom and get put in touch with a trainer in my area.

Thanks, that’s the info I was going off of also. I just don’t want to ■■■■ off my Endo! Has anyone had their Endo get mad because they started on their own?

My endo required me to do training both both my Dex and my Omnipod. However, Seth, if you can follow any type of instructions at all, you should be fine. I inserted a receiver before I had my official training. I just didn’t tell anyone about it. I put my first sensor on myself on my abdomen. All the results were acceptable. The second sensor I put on in training. My trainor thought it was great that I could put it on my arm, one handed. So, if you want to start early, I recommend placing it where you can insert the sensor using two hands until you get used to the process.

I want to tell you though, read through the posts about sensor use and placement on this site. I can tell you that I learned so much more on this site than what I got from the official Dexcom materials. YMMV but the posts about “doubling up” on the sensor time by restarting it after your first seven days has been really helpful. I always get better results on the second week than I do on the first.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of D with e-toys.


I was totally going to start on my own, but my CDE @ my diabetes clinic insisted that I have to be trained, even though she knows I could totally start on my own. I’m not sure whether it was some sort of money grab or a liability issue, but she almost started yelling at me about it. Granted I almost called her an idiot (which she is), but that’s beside the point. I was actually thankful I didn’t start on my own, as I was a previous MM CGM user and the difference between the two for insertion is quite large. I also wouldn’t have know how hard I could/should pull/push on lots of the parts. If you have any apprehension, I say wait until you can get training, for the insertion alone. I know how hard it is to wait, but at least you won’t have the chance of mucking up a $35 sensor if you get trained.

My endo was happy to fax the paperwork over to Dexcom. His Nurse Practitioner didn’t mention anything about training at all.

He would not, however, fill out the paperwork for a pump without wanting to talk to me first, so I know he’s staying on top of it.

Just got mine this past week and read everything and started up just fine. I got a call from a trainer but, was so busy we have not been able to get together yet. Sales rep had told me that I could go ahead and get started if I felt comfortable w/ the process and I did. Good luck. I love mine thus far.