How did your D treat you today?

I was thinking it would be good if we had a thread to be able to moan about D when we’ve had a crappy day, or to celebrate when we have a good one, and to see them juxtaposed with each other. I did a quick search for such a thread but didn’t find one, so I figured I’d start one myself…

I’ll get us going,

I started work at 7am today because I knew I had a long day working on the saw ahead of me (I’m a cabinet maker). So I get to work and start cutting out the kitchen I am working on til about 9am, when I start to feel low, I checked my BG and was 4.1(73.8). As you can imagine, big dangerous machines and hypoglycemia don’t mix, so I had a sandwich and sat down for 15min to give it some time to do its thing. While I am sitting there one of my coworkers (a non-D health nut) comes over and says something to the effect of ‘it’s not smoko yet you know’. I explained that my BG was low and that I wasn’t going to keep working on the panel saw while it was, his response was that I shouldn’t eat so much ‘crap food’ and that if I ate more fruit I’d be able to control my diabetes properly. Sigh. I realise that in this sort of situation I really should try and explain that it’s just not simple, but sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder, I mean come on, if it was that simple does he really think I wouldn’t have already done something about it? Like hello, incurable disease here…

the rest of the day went something like:


Then after work I decided to to a bit of mountain biking to relax (works been stressful this week). So here I am riding on a single (a narrow bike track only wide enough for a single bike, hence the name) through the bush, by my self, splattered in mud, enjoying myself, when I started to fall fairly often. This was a track I’ve ridden a fair few times before and never come off this many times, so I started thinking I was having an off day, until I reached a hill climb that I should have been able to do without breaking a sweat. After just a couple meters up the climb my legs gave out and I ended up sliding back down to the bottom. Crap. Check BG 2.7(48). Crap.

So here I am, out in the bush, splatted by mud, by myself and 2.7, what to do? It was a toss up between stuffing my face and sitting there to wait it out, or trying to get back to the main road where someone might find me if I passed out. I chose the latter, so I had a handful of jellybabies and backtracked til I found a path that cut back to the tarmac, about 1.5km in all, and boy was it a hard 1.5km!

Once I got back to the main road I sat down and had some more sugar until my BG started to rise (3.1(56)) and hopped back on my bike (I was feeling ok by now) and rode back home, which was only about 3km away by now. Got home, check BG again 3.0(54). Sigh. More glucose.

Eventually I got it back up to 5.1(92) where it hovered for a while until I had tea, after which it spiked, now it’s sitting at about 11(198). Sigh.

On the plus side, between finishing work and going mountain biking I talked to my diabetes educator about getting the wheels in motion for me getting a pump. Now I’m just waiting for the pump educator to give me a ring to make our first appointment. Yay! :slight_smile:

lol, that turned out way longer than intended, I really should have done it as a blog… oh well!

How did D treat YOU today?