How do a childs blood sugars compare to an adult?

Hi :slight_smile: I tested my two year old nephew’s blood sugar around 10:45 this morning and he hadn’t eaten since breakfast cause we were at church. We didn’t really have a reason to test him but my sister just wanted me to when I was doing my own. Anyway my question is should a child’s be the same as an adult? I think I might have heard once that children run a little higher but I just wasn’t sure. His was 80. I just wondered cause if a child runs higher we thought that might be a little low. Thanks sooo much!!!

Sounds nice and in line with what I’d expect. Good functioning. And almost at the point of wanting food, no doubt! Kids need food more often than adults. Try a little applesauce, an apple, or a trail mix on the way home. Or give a little protein at breakfast to slow down his digestion of carbs. A two year old is a bit more active than an adult in church, whether or not he’s in a nursery. All that squirming!

70-100 fasting, and he WAS fasting!

Yeah its a good number and almost to the point of being low just is kinda why I wondered if kids for sure don’t run higher then adults because that would mean he’s too low. I’ll probably test him again sometime as I want to test my sister (his mom) as well so I’ll prob spend the night at their house sometime and do it in the morning :slight_smile: They are our neighbors and my sister dosn’t wanna do it alone cause she has the idea its alot worse then it is :slight_smile:

also just to be sure you understand he’s not diabetic which is why i asked thi in the first place. Figured you understand that I just thought the way you suggested snacks maybe you thought he is diabetic :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I know thats the normal for us just wanted to be sure it is for kids too?

Babies actually run lower than adults. Children have the same range. An 80 isn’t low but is perfect. Remember that for a non-diabetic anything down to 65-70 is perfectly normal for fasting.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: I’m just an auntie that wants to be sure my little man is okay :slight_smile:

Your nephew is perfectly normal!