How do I create tables with the Discourse editor?

Continuing the discussion from Rounding errors in carb counting caused by stupid nutrition labels:

I tried to see what had already been said about this. The quote below is from a post by Jeff Atwood. Jeff is a Discourse co-founder & designer & developer.

The only alternative I can think of is not a very helpful one. It is to block quote the items. This forces a monospaced font to be used so that you can, with more than a bit of twiddling, get the “columns” to line up. For example …

   Item   | Servs per | Size =carb | Net weight(Total)
   soup   |  about 2. | 240g = 10c |  524g or 2.18 servings
   peas   |  about 3½ | 130g = 20c |  425g or 3.26
  beans   |  about 3½ | 130g = 21c |  425g or 3.26

It’s a tedious and thankless process and I don’t recommend it. I’m sorry I don’t have a better suggestion. If I ever think of a better approach I’ll try to remember to update this post.

Thanks John,

I’ve seen some other forums use them or even math editors. If there was a way to tab it maybe that’d work.

I’m of the opinion Monospace should be a standard for many word editing formats.
I checked out the markdown standard rather quickly and just thought I’d skipped over it. Thanks for the clarification.

I once made a word document with all letters and symbols listed with each font. The old TuDiabetes had a number of fonts 14 I believe were specified.

So there’s nothing like a {Tab 8} or anything similar?