How do I find my carb to alcohol ratio and what is yours?

When I drink I need about 6 but every time it ends in hypos.

Wine and crackers I want to figure out how many to eat during drinking and until that hypo risk part of the drinking is gone.

I like Pinot Grigio , over $20 for a 750 and lightly colored as I believe in lighter color and higher price for hangover minimization.

Get all Mr scientist about this. Last time I drank that wine weeks and weeks ago but got stupid hypos again even after a whole bag of cheese doodles, the same ones that half a bag sent me into the 200s when I decided to just eat them when not drinking.

Any tips and tricks welcome I just want to go out for a buzz like every one else does sometimes.

My advice is some sort of cgm with alarms and a trusted person to help if needed. Not sure if you already have one or not, but that is a lifesaver for drinking… otherwise, most t1s I know stick to drinks they know the carb count for, such as light beer, whiskey and diet coke, etc. Red wine has about 4 grams of carbs for 5 oz but the lowering of your blood sugar caused by the alcohol varies by the person, which is why I recommended the cgm. Usually the liver will try to regulate blood sugar a little(hence the dawn phenomenon), but during alcohol consumption, its primary focus is the alcohol, and if you stick to low carb drinks, you’ll probably see low blood sugar.

The only time I get hypos (first 2 to 3 hours) and hypers (after 4 hours) is when I durink more than two glasses of wine (Franzia Merlot - 5 liter box $17). I usually under count carbs for bolusing for food accompanying the wine and consume additional carbs after four hours without blousing.

I would recommend that you not take insulin when you drink. You can’t have hypos when you drink or you will become a giant pain in the ■■■ and people will be much more likely to leave you behind. If you pass out, no one will know the difference.

I’m just gonna throw this out there. You might have to be “that guy.” Let me explain myself.

You, like me, have more significant obstacles that confront you. Because of that, you need to be tougher, smarter, better, and more capable than other people. You can’t just be “a guy.” You have to be, “that guy.” You can go out with other people. But, you might have to be “the guy,” who drives, and makes sure that nobody gets beat up, and makes sure that the “Normals” ALL get home safe. That guy often doesn’t get a thank you, but “that guy,” holds ALL the cards. That guy is the most important person that shows up. Its not fun. But, its important.

I got in the habit of just using the Lantus and carb limitation does the lantus count as taking insulin ?

I just want to go out on the charter boat, out in the wind and the waves that is the best thing in the whole world to mix with drinking. I actually did alright last time with the bag of cheese doodles for carbs. It was after the lows came.

I just want a mental vacation once in a wile, a nice buzz, I am going though alot right now evident by some of the anger in my posts, low tolerance for the medical system , its not just them.

Those scum bags got my driver licence over some crap from NINE years ago they “missed” was just living the best I could went to renew and got hint with an expensive nightmare from NINE years ago.

I payed everything NINE years ago but now I can’t drive or I get pulled over by a government gun man and kidnapped “arrested” extortionists.

Sacks of ■■■■ have budget problem , the government parasite class and their pensions ect. so they F with peoples lives to get money.

Most people they read in the paper about 70,000 overdoses a year and 10s of thousands of suicides and think that its because of the doctors perscibing too many pain pills and un treated mental illness.

Those of us that have been down in the trenches know that most of the suicides and ODs have another common denominator , being wrapped up in that system. There favorite of course is the driver licence thing so you can’t take care of yourself get depressed and give up.

I have an advantage over alot of people in recovery, I know they want us dead and I refuse to give it to them.

I CAN’T die of a hypo from drinking. They would win.

They can’t win. You have to win. You deserve to win. Many people loose. Life is serious business.

Take the Lantus. Don’t take meal insulin for alcohol. That gets complicated. Eat a snack before bed. Cheese doodles are ok, even if they make you run a little high. Alcohol can give you lows 72 hours after you quit drinking. In that way, its kinda like intense exercise. If I were you, I would just live with the high BG to be on the safe side. The next day, you can correct things.

Water is naturally risky when your drinking. Normals often die drinking near water. Rivers, sort of, call to people when they are ‘altered’ or sick. If anything goes wrong, you find them washed up on the bank days later. Water is high risk. You are a new diabetic. Play it safe with the insulin.

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I don’t think there is a such thing as a carb to alcohol ratio. Alcohol limits the liver’s ability to release glucose, dropping your basal and overall insulin needs for a period of time. I don’t find a few drinks has much of an effect, but everyone is different. Dosing for sweet or carby alcoholic drinks is difficult, not just because of the alcohol but because you are dealing with simple sugar, meaning that the duration of insulin action will exceed the digestion of glucose digestion and you will usually end up low. You could try lowering your Lantus dose by a few units when you are drinking, and/or eat food high in fat and/or protein.


Fat slows carb absorption.

Why hasn’t someone invented long acting carbs like when big pharma wants a new patent they put an old drug in glue so it melts slower ?

A couple glucose tablets and a scoop of peanut butter or Nutella can do the trick!

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Pressure treat it in peanut oil like tar and making a telephone pole.

I used to never take insulin for my wine. Always high afterwards and did a correction bolus before going to bed. Last couple months I tried adding a unit or two at a time until I found my “sweet spot”. I use between 4.5 and 5 units for 1 bottle of Resling wine. I don’t eat anything with it. Except a string cheese occasionally. Hope this helps. Try at home to figure it out before you go out next time.

This is what I do. I will only drink wine that I know is dry (low sugar content) and in Canada, the liquor stores show this number right on the pricing label. Maybe you could do some research on what wines you like are the driest.

I don’t drink beer, mostly because I don’t like it, but also because I don’t always know the carb content. (rant for another time - nutrition label on alcoholic beverages!) My drink of choice is rum. Spirits like rum have zero carbs. It’s the mix that you have to worry about. So to cut down on the variables, I just drink my rum on ice. Or if I’m at home, mixing my own, I’ll add some diet Sprite.

I don’t usually have trouble with hypos, but do try to eat “normally” when I do have a couple drinks. Nutritionist says to always eat something. High protein with fat is good idea.

Mentally, I think you really need to stay mindful. Plan ahead. And definitely keep a log so that you can look at patterns. Test often. Try to keep variables at a minimum when you’re doing this experimentation. This will help you eventually feel more in control which is very important to feelings of well-being and self-esteem. Non-diabetics just don’t get this.