How do I fix this?

I’ve been trying to gain better and more stable BG control, so I’ve been watching my carb intake and doing more walking. I went to bed last night with a BG of 84 and the Dexcom ‘alerted’ me during the night. I got up, checked my BG and it was 255 :frowning: :frowning: Since I did not eat, I don’t understand WHY it went high. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, what did I do wrong??? I would like to see a better A1C the next time I have lab work done.

You could have a bad pump site. Did you change the site?

I’ve had the same thing happen. I wish I could give you a magical answer but I cant. But your not alone in the frustration. Make a note of what you had for dinner, it may be that you had slower carbs that night.

Did not change the pump site as I had nearly perfect numbers all day…almost a ‘flat line’ on the Dexcom. I was beginning to think the Dexcom wasn’t working because it is rare for me to have good numbers almost all day.

Not sure about the slow carbs…I had a cup of homemade chicken vegetable soup and a slice of homemade wheat bread and a half an apple.

When did you do your walking? If you walked in the evening without enough carbs in your system then a liver dump may have caused the high BG. If that is not the explanation, do you usually have some problem with DP at that time?

Yesterday I did my walking about mid-day, and Yes, I do have a problem with DP. My CDE has recommended that I do the overnight basal test to see if my basal rates are ok. I need to do that pretty soon.

I have this same issue, but I’m on MDI so I don’t have the luxury of a pump. :slight_smile: I have been trying to adjust my basal to fix the issue, but it might be a combination of things that are causing my BG to rise. I had the same thing happen every night this past week. Went to bed at 84 and woke up at 220. I think it’s the protein that I’m eating at dinnertime. Might be gastroperisis (sp??). Who knows?

With the pump, if it’s DP, then you can adjust your basal rate for certain times in the night. You might need an increase of basal from midnight to 3am or something. Call your Endocronologist to see what they recommend. (Even though most times the Endos have no clue what to do with pumps and CGMs- the first time my Endo ever SAW a CGM was when I brought mine in)