How do we make sure Brad gets dinner?!?!?! Good dinner, not crap dinner

Brad needs dinner.
Brad will be hungry.
Diabetics are unpleasant when they’re are hungry.

I am very relieved that Brad won’t get covid at work because he’s having surgery.

But, now I am worried he will not get any dinner. He can’t even drive to the store.
His wife is visually impaired and can’t drive. I don’t know how this is gonna work.

Don’t make me drive all the way down the Mississippi river to bring Brad dinner.
It’s 8 hours. Is it 12 to St Louis? I think its 8. I’ll do it.

You could just post mate him food.

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What should I send him? Those strange army rations where you just add water? A pigs head? This is a good idea, @Timothy. I got his address from us shipping diabetes supplies back and forth over the years. I wanna send him something weird.

I should send him weird Minnesota food - Lutifisk, or something. It would make all his mail smell bad. Lutifisk is awful.

I’ll send him some Halloween candy so he’s got some for trick-o-treaters (and for him). Brad needs candy, too, I think. It will list his spirits to have candy.

Post mates is actually a delivery service. Not mail per se.
they usually go to a restaurant and grab your food order and bring it to your house. They pretty much will go to any restaurant.


Oh, crap. Brad is low carb. Ill just send money. Meal Train lets us send $. MO got screwed on covid relief compared with MN.

@mohe0001 many grocery stores deliver direct to home also, including Walmart who is probably nearby. One other option is out of Kansas. Frozen (and actually tasty) pre-portioned diabetic or any other medically specific diet is available. The have a Registered Dietician on staff (Michelle) who is a whiz at navigating the menu if needed. If Brad’s wife is visually impaired they probably have resources already - you might find out what they are already using

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I think there are a whole bunch of options here. He’s gonna be laid up for a long time after surgery. All the way until almost Christmas. I’m gonna look up Magic Kitchen. Never heard of it.