How do you carry your Afrezza and inhaler?

I keep the cartridges in the package until I punch them out, but it seems like sometimes they still leak powder. Is there no seal? How do you carry these implements to avoid loss?

I just throw them in my pocket… I do t notice the cartridges leaking any powder but definitely do see the inhaler getting powder residues on it… Really hasn’t been a problem for me

I carry my Afrezza supplies in a quart size zip-lock bag in my day pack. Like Sam, I don’t see the cartridges leaking, the white powder is primarily from the residue that accumulates in the inhaler.

Hey Jim look what just unexpectedly arrived in the mail from sanofi— an afrezza pouch.

Not sure if I’ll actually use it or not… I could actually probably fit my whole palm full of d-gear in it… It’s kinda nice.

Haha! Nice, @Sam19! I’ve actually been thinking that an empty test strip bottle would fit 3-4 inhaler pods and might be the way to go.