How do you carry your Dexom G4?

Did you get the case that came with the kit?

I experienced the same, Nell. I bought a protector sheet I cut to fit myself and it came off after just a few days. I didn´t find any other solution than to tape the protector sheet to the Dexcom ("gift-wrapping-style") if that makes any sense.

The screen protector I used is on meant for the Animas Ping screen. It's been on with no problems since late October. When it comes to screen protectors, more expensive usually does mean better quality.

@Danielle: Is it me your asking? I got the case that came with the kit, yes. Why?

I’ve use the screen protector that I use for my phone and it’s been on for almost two months and no sign of peeling off. I had to trim it to size. Don’t know the brand, but I bought it at the Verizon store. I think that the brand is “Verizon”.

Wise words and thanks for reminding me that a small purse could be something to consider, barbraann.

I meant a SpiBand for my wrist, like this: