How do you carry your meter around?

Are ya tired of having an ugly case for your meter, and tired of people price gouging you for a decent looking case?

Then shop Nintendo... Nintendo DSLite purses, that is... I got mine used for $2.50, and it houses my meter, and everything else... and sometimes even my DSLite itself. lol Not too big, not too small... Definitely very fashionable. ;) Not bad, eh? Plus it also has more room in the middle and bottom where a DSLite is supposed to fit. lol :) It also fits inside a regular sized purse nicely. It's not too much bigger than a wallet... But I ditch the purse, and carry this around, like on Thanksgiving day... I just stuffed it with what I needed, lipstick, and and even a DSLite itself, and I was good to go. ;) Nice, huh? Some little girl somewhere will appreciate this... so they don't look like a D nerd. :D I sure do. (I also nicely discovered that it keeps my meter insulated from getting too cold, outside.... :) Yay!)

Other girly models… (There is literally TONS out there… the sky’s the limit!)

This other one is really frigging awesome, for just $5.09!…

Very cute, but I am sure my son won’t go it. Not even the blue one. LOL Seriously, great suggestion for the young ladies with D.

Ohhhh, but there’s ones for guys, too! Cool ones! I should look em up and post here… :smiley:

No, I’m not tired of the intended case for my meter. It’s the contents that are important to me. As long as the case isn’t worn or ripped, it’s Fine.

There is NO limit to the designs… lol

Ummmm… It’s meant to be a humorous reference to people who ARE bored by it, and this post will mean something to them, thanks. :slight_smile: If it doesn’t bug ya, ignore it. :wink:

Good idea thanks I use a fanny pack or cell phone case

Pants pocket or shirt pocket.

Every meter I ever had came with some kind of case but never once did I bother carrying it around in the case. In fact when I get a new meter the routine is this: open box. Remove excessive packaging. Find the case and the instructions. Put the case and the instructions and the box in the trash. Instructions? Yeah, right, I’ve been measuring my bg myself now for nearly 30 years.

I’m biased but: putting the bg meter in a “case” would be like putting my wristwatch in a case or my glasses in a case. What good are they gonna do me in a case? The case would just get in the way of using them.

Oh sorry, I thought that it was a Yes or No question and that you were asking everyone. There were a couple of Members who made some Nice cases and were selling them on here before. I forget their names though.

I bought a cheap little makeup case at Rite Aid because the one my latest meter came with was well, boring. However, one of these days when I have time, I’d like to knit a bag for it and everything else I need D equipment-wise.

These are pretty cool. Sometimes you just wanna shake things up a bit.

Oh, I knit, too… but I get lazy… and sometimes don’t finish projects. lol Though I’ve seen some awesome Nintendo DS themed knitted cases that give me inspiration…

I like these. It might make it easier to find my meter when I’m groping around in the dark for it.


This one is like a little suitcase!!! Wow, $7.98… very cool.

Yeah, some of those are nice, but they charge like $40-$100 for them. lol For a little girl’s case, even, sometimes! Over $100.

Ah, but in a case (at least the ones designed for the meters that hold things in place) you can test while walking and/or with it perched on your knee while waiting for the bus, etc. That’s the main reason I stick to the cases the meters come with, no need to find a flat surface to test on and/or worry about fumbling and dropping vials of strips or lancing devices, etc.

The DSLite purses are darling. Awesome find, thanks.

Colored meters, meter skins, but blah black cases. Why don’t they come in different colors & finishes? At no extra cost, of course. I want one in shiny red patent leather.

Well, there ya go! :slight_smile: