How do you conceal your pump?

Medtronics has this leather case that wraps around your belt… It is my absolute favorite. The pump becomes an extension of my belt.

I’m belated too. My mom typically takes my underwears and sews this cool little poket into them. It’s great, because no one sees the pump and it stays put.

When I’m wearing ones with no pockets… Ahem! I put either put it in my bra or sometimes (stolen from Kerri from SUM) in my sock.

I have it clipped between the 2 sides of my bra the majority of the time. When it’s not there, its clipped to my waistband. Sometimes I care if people see it and, well, usually I could care less.

When dressing up I will either put it in the top of control top stockings or get some of that ‘suck you in’ underpants and shove it in there. The only problem with that is at the end of the evening, I have up and down arrows impressed into my skin :wink:

I wear a suit or sportcoat almost every workday and just clip it on my belt…if I’m wearing a jacket continuously, men’s suit coats often have inside cell phone pockets and putting my pump in there helps the coat lay better…Animas includes both a clip and a “dressy” leather case with the pump but the case is absolutely cheap-looking…someone needs to do a silicone case like they offer for cell phones and ipods…

Some folks are very self-conscious and go out of their way to hide their diabetes…frankly, I know too many people who have worse issues to deal with…I’m not complaining about wearing a pump…to me it’s not any worse than having to wear glasses…

it’s embarassing to ask but where exactly on underwear? and how big is your pump? if I look at my MiniMed 522 there is no way it can fit any part of my underwear. And doesn’t it make your jeans/pants look bulky? I’m totally new at this, there must be some secret spell to cast on the pump to make it smaller because without it I can’t put my pump anywhere under my clothes without it looking like an additional/not supposed to be there part of my body. And no, I’m not that small, I’m absolutely average size.

Sasha - I’ll send you a private response, as I’m sure you’re about as anxious as I am to talk about underwear in public. Suffice to say, I’m average-size, but I’m a boy shorts underwear kind of girl - so there’s space at the hip to fit a pump. Like I said though, if I’m wearing another style - the pump ends up somewhere else.

I’m sure you see the outline of the pump against most of my clothes - but I don’t mind that so much, no one ever asks about it.

More detail in my email!

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At night - I like to wear supported tank tops and either PJ pants or shorts. I first tried clipping it to my pants or shorts but it was hard if I wanted to turn over. So I now clip it between my boobs on my tank top. That way the tubing goes from my chest to the site (belly). So if need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don’t pull your pants down (half asleep mind you) and end up pulling the pump and the tubing out. :slight_smile: Plus my pump was weighing down my PJ pants. Hope this helps!

I use a pouch on my calf called “Leg Thing” made my Unique Accessories. It is made of spandex and has a place to slide your pump in. They also make a “thigh thing” but I cannot get that to stay in place (chubby thighs…LOL). Below, I have attached a pic of me using the Leg Thing. I use it on my calf on either leg. It works well when my pants have no pockets. I often wear it at night so that my tubing doesn’t tangle around me.

Here is a link to the site where I bought it ($20)
9284-5282384.bin (668 KB)

Two more options that I use.

The first attached file is called “invisa-pump”. It can be found at It is intended to be worn inside your pants to truly conceal the pump. I wear mine on the outside. I especially like this one for work as it is black leather and does not stand out. It has a clear covering which allows me to see the screen of my pump and makes it easy for me to press buttons.

The second attached file is a cell phone pouch. Although I do use mine for my cell phone, I also use it for my pump on occasion. There are several websites selling these and you can find them in solid colors and in patterns. I have several ranging from plain black to bright polka dots. It attaches to your belt loop with a snap closure. You can also slide an elastic over your belt and attach this directly to that elastic. This allows you to position it anywhere on your waistline that you find comfortable (without being confined to a belt loop area). I found a band at Wal-Mart sold to hold back a sleeve on a basketball jersey. I place this on my belt, then attach the Poire pouch to it. My pump fits perfectly inside. A search for Poire Pouch on any web browser will lead you to one of these. They are also sold under other names…browse cell phone pouch.

Hope this helps anyone looking for new places to stash a pump.
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Ooo… I like that second one, Shannon. :slight_smile:

I don’t try to conceal it. The pump is clipped to my belt on my right side. Immediately to the left of that on my belt is a D-ring. The D-ring hold a Lifescan case holding a Medtronic Paradigm meter (velcroed in). I find that a bit easier way to carry around a meter all the time. I’ve broken clips before. I think I got a replacement once on Ebay and maybe another from Medtronic. Putting the pump in a pocket (in a pinch) is ok too.

I don’t hide it anymore.

I don’t think it is the fact that I want to hide it, but a lot of pants these days don’t have a pocket you can slip it into and a lot of tops are worn over the top of pants for women and not tucked in, so if you clip the pump on your waist band you have this big honking lump when a snug shirt goes on over the top of your waistband. That is what bugs me. For men most of the time they tuck their shirts in and wear a belt and then pump clips on nicely like a cell phone and go biggie, but for us women…

I almost always wear it clipped to my bra–it’s well protected from bumps, dings and whatnot (I work at UPS) and it’s kind of funny if anyone sees you looking down your shirt to turn a reminder alarm off.

Animas has great pump accessories and an online store (I use a Deltec but still use the Animas accessories because they are so great). They have a leg band that allows you to wear your pump in a band around your calf (if you are wearing pants) and the same thing for your thigh if you are wearing a skirt or dress.

I threw this together to answer this question - going to flickr

I have this recommendation for new pumpers: get A (single) clip that you are certain fits your pump. Girls, invest in baby socks; guys, get something that will go on a belt if you already wear them. Don’t buy a bunch of things that you won’t use anyway. Branch out after you figure out what kinds of activities you need something besides the standard solution for. At the moment, I find that I need to buy a garter that will hold my pump SECURELY.
One other thing - the Deltec Cozmo is not conducive to a discreet “in the bra” solution. If that is a problem for you, look at other pumps with a flatter profile.
Sorry to ramble, just made so many mistakes trying to find a good solution that I thought I’d share my mistakes. Peace!

Wow… everyone has great ideas. I have never broken a clip, and had one for the 5 years I was on the other pump. With this pump, Disetronic is angering me. I ordered another clip, paid for it, and still haven’t received it. As far as concealing, I’ve given up. I worked at my job, (current one) for over a year before anyone knew, and thought it was a phone. So, I wear pants with pockets 4-7 days a week. I’ve used the thigh thing and that works ok, but starts cutting off circulation after a few hours. Bras (women… listen up) work on occasion!!! Depends on the style and the shirt! It looks great having a wire poke through your shirt! Haha. For bed, I sleep with it next to me. I roll all night, and have woken up with it under me numerous times. I actually went to a seminar, and we talked about sleeping with the pump. I try to keep it lower, because it feels better under your knees than under your back! Ok, thats about all from me on this! I’m sure all of these options have been given though! Thanks for letting me put my two cents in! :slight_smile:

Sarah thanks for the great slide show. I think I have a lot of pump cases that I have tried as well, and don’t really love any of them. I like a pocket in my pants the best, but that does not always work. Going to go check your black cellphone case that looks like something I want.

Thanks again for posting.

Thanks Melanie!
Oh, the middle night bathroom trips and pulling at the tubing sounds painfully familiar

I am in the process of getting a pump and so I have been reading anything and everything on lifestyle, etc. I found the “Invisapump”, which is a small case that you can hang your pump in, putting it on the inside of your pants - given they are big enough. I don’t wear quadruple pleated pants, so I am not sure if this would work for me. I read somewhere in the forms that some run the tubing down their leg, putting the pump in their sock. To do that, I would have to have very trustworthy socks.

I wear it everyday clipped to the middle part of my bra. Sorry guys. To all the ladies though, to prevent the flipping you need to get bras that are wider in the middle. My pump stays in place all day, and I work with kids and am constantly moving about.
During night and at bedtime, I wear it on my waistband because at home I don’t care who sees it, otherwise it is always concealed.
Now for the guys… I saw a pump strap made of elastic soft material that goes around the thigh on medtronic online. The clip attaches to the strap and is worn under your pants. Hope this helps.