How do you deal?

Okay so I am with family I have not seen in two yrs so I am happy and enjoying the day till I go to find out some carbs now I am not one to ask them to cook a certian way cause I am type 1 and I don’t ask them to keep a detailed list of carbs. all I asked for was to see the boxes with the nutritional info so I could count it all up for my niece and sis and I. Not to much to ask right?? well apperently it is!! they have already thrown out the boxes in the big trash outside so nothing for me to look at. So my question is how do you deal do you just guess?? or just wait and base dosing off of the bg numbers after you eat as little as possible not to upset the diabetic gods?? I am trying to figure this out. I have not screamed or yelled or even made a big deal I am just going to figure it out but thought I would ask you guys!! ohh and happy thanksgiving!!

Do you have the Calorie King pocket book available ? …He, the King , supplies a website hope this is somewhat helpful .Otherwise eyeballing and testing,testing …have a very nice Thanksgiving with your family .

i kind of pretended to know what the heck i was doing and guesstimated i was going to consume 30 grams of carbs…i ended up 3 hours later almost 200…i was a bit off, but i think it was pretty good. and to tell the truth, it was better than guessing 60 and crashing in a roomful of people…i think should help.

I agree, boedica, I’d rather be a tad high when I’m out and about and have little control over my food, than low.

I did some planning ahead (like bringing some dishes I know I can eat). I’ve also been having Thanksgiving with the same friends for many years, so she accomodates my vegetarianism…but not my diabetes. I guess more people understand (and accept) vegetarians than diabetics. But there will be enough I can pick and choose what I want.

My problem has always been those early “dinners” (like 3 or 4). I have never understood how everyone could be hungry for dinner so early. I finally asked for the “secret” everyone but me seems to know. Eat “brunch” at around 10, not breakfast and lunch…duhhhhhhh. Happy T day all

I use

Hard to do, that’s for sure. I guesstimate & test more. I pretty much stick with protein & vegetables & don’t tempt the gods with dishes of unknown ingredients. Every time I have, it’s been a disaster.

Don’t think there’s anything wrong with requesting something you know you can eat with three diabetics at the table.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Like Gerri, I gravitate toward protein, vegetables, and salad. Any carb that I have is going to be just a couple of forkfuls.

I eat anything that isn’t wiggling at the time. If in a restaurant chain I use and if out of a box it’s easy just read.

Times like Thanksgiving it is experience and guessing as others here have said. This year I did pretty good. I ate about 2 plates full at 1:00 pm and when I went to bed that night around 11:30pm my BG was 109…not always the normal but it is good to guess right once in a while. (Of course, I put on a couple of pounds but that’s ok every once in a while too.)

One trick you could try is logging onto and looking up your product. You can see the nutritional label that way. Otherwise, if you have a scale, you can weigh portions. I have both an iPod Touch and a Droid Incredible and there are great apps for both. Track 3 is a great app with an extensive food database that allows you to look up all kinds of things and has many restaurant menus.