How do you determine if your basal dose is correct?

I try not to ask a question unless I answer it, myself, so I'm not just 'prying' into all your diabetes business.

I have been setting basal according to where I get flatline overnight numbers, knowing full well that I still need correction over the morning hours and expecting to get low in the eave. It feels like a happy medium. But, I recognize there might be better ways to interpret 'correct basal dose.' My Doc wants the basal decreased and, I think, is basing her judgment on: 1.) I have gained weight (which she attributes to over-insulin-izing, but I attribute it to not exercising this winter and eating a lot of 'medicinal' candy to treat the lows); and, 2.) Suspected incidence of low blood sugar (because my A1c was quite low and I do generally run pretty chaotic numbers. Although, I agree that there have been runs of lows, they are not profound lows. Lows are easier to manage than extreme highs. I have all but eliminated readings below 50 and above 300, except during exercise).

I think it will get much more complicated to manage several basal rates during the waking hours. So, so many variables at play then. I really hate diabetes today. If I could, I would punch diabetes in the face.

I think pictures explain 1,000 words. Here, I am trying to 'iron out the highs,' first. I am trying to not 'sledgehammer' the highs and keep on top of them with 2 to 4 unit corrections. Now, there are some lows that develop. But, I think it will be easy to 'shift the BG data up 50 points on the y axis,' if that makes the Doc feel better. That's relatively easy to do with some medicinal candy. But, that doesn't feel like 'compliance.' She was REAL clear she wanted me to cut the basal. But, its going to be much harder for me to figure out that way, if its possible at all. Is my process goofy or is it similar to what you guys do?

Blood sugar control is impossible. Nothing is ever fixed in a reasonable amount of time. If my blood sugar dynamics were a man, Madonna would be singing to him.

Well - there is a clinical way - fingersticks during a certain period of time - but I mostly use the CGM or "Am I trending towards lows during a certain time of day or night way." Is it my basal or my bolus? Sometimes it is a little of both. I try to go as low as I can with my basal while doing a fasting test - and then change my bolus to cover the food.

I recently had a colonoscopy, and my blood sugars were mostly low. Might mean I can lower my basals a little further - and I am on like .325 to.375 for my basals - and I use a type two drug Victoza - which help my boluses and the rise after meals. (I am a type one)

When I exercise, I tend to see lows overnights. But I had a series of lows the night before my procedure and even right before. I had to suspend my pump a few times and then start it again.

So - who knows? I am striving to get to a 5.6% or so A1C. My last one was 6.2% - not where I want it but better than 7.3% I had the last time.

Just got my Dexcom - and I expect to fine tune my control even further to get to goal.

Hi mohe001! Getting the proper basal rates throughout the day can be a challenging task.

I responded to a similar post and explained the proper way to basal test. Its a precise and long task, but it doesnt need to be done very ofen. I suggest you read my reply in the thread HERE

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I ought to read about how that might have happened, so I can recreate this data when it, inevitably, falls out of control again.