How do you get back on the treadmill of self management?

Happy New Year Everyone…

Every year some of us find that we want to start a new resolution in January to go on a diet and lose weight, quite smoking, add more exercise in our day, contriubte to our community, do less tweeting and Face Book and spend more time with our kids. We all want to succeed in every resolution or goal we have.

In 2010 I did have a goal. It was to get my first insulin Pump after living with Type 1 diabetes for 38 years. I read everything I could get my hands on about the pump. I had every brochure, reviewed every online site before deciding what would be the best for me. I also made a personal commitment to see my Doctor regularly so that I could be successful. I did a great job of getting my A1C from 8.5 to 6.5 within a 9 month period. I am very proud of myself.

But almost a year has passed and I wonder if my pump, and my diabetes management has become like a treadmill… you all know that treadmill that you spent big money on. Yes the one that was going to help you get in good physical shape, lose a few pounds…Yes the one that is sitting in the corner of your bedroom with your clothes hanging on it.

In recent weeks I feel as if my pump and diabetes management is like a treadmill sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I have stopped prioritizing my diabetes goals…My pump keeps bussing at me. Buzzz…Buzzz…Buzzzzz CHECK BS! And I keep ignoring it. I have fallen off the treadmill of diabetes self management…Can someone please help me get up!

All of us strugle with staying 100% managed. The beginning of last year when I received my pump I felt that my diabetes would be so much easier to manage and it is. But the self management is still a struggle. I still have to tell myself not to ignore the pump, check my BS, make an assertive effort to count every carb, test more and all the other stuff that we deal with in self managment.

So my friends at TuDiabetes tell me how you get back on the Treadmill of Self Management when you feel that your diabetes self managment has been ignored.

I honestly can’t fall off anymore. If I let myself fall off I fear I will go blind. I have retinopathy, and it’s finally stabilized. But if I fall off the treadmill and don’t take care of the diabetes, I will go blind. It wouldn’t be a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’. So I guess I’m not sure how to answer your question. Keeping my eyesight (and kidneys, and legs, etc.) is all the motivation I need. Also, I want to have a baby in the coming years and that’s motivation as well.

I think like any other item that we have to deal with on a daily basis, be it our diabetes, keeping the house clean, healthy eating, etc. it is very normal to just want to throw in the towel. I have days where all I want to do is feed my face all those naughty foods and just bolus and bolus and bolus, of course if I give in ever so slightly, I feel horrible (both physically and mentally!). So I do not really set any “goals” anymore. Like new years resolutions, the only one I make is not to make one! That being said, I work hard at keeping my diabetes under control, managing the diet, the exercise, not letting the weight creep up, etc. Yes, I slip. I am human.
Diabetes is like that never ending race. You never cross the finish line, you just keep running. But think about all those people standing along side those endurance runners, cheering them on. And the runners just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Maybe a little slower up the hills, but then your speed picks up going downhill. And you just keep on running because it is what we have to do.

don’t beat yourself up just starting doing it. one step at a time. start w/ the easy stuff and build on it. remove the bad food from your house. test regularly. eventually it becomes habit again for you. we all stumble pick yourself up and do what you have to do. you can do this.

Well I have no choice…I have a thing called a “MOTHER” that is on me 24/7. But when I am not around her I still do everything correctly because I finally realized that my health is in my own hands. I want to be healthy so I can live long, play softball, and especially live long enough to watch my great grandkids run around someday. I know this girl that does NOT take care of herself. She is a Type 1 Diabetic and her average blood sugar is around 600. Her teeth are all rotted out because of all the sugar in her body. Doctors have to suck her blood out because it is so thick from her high sugar levels. Doctors told her the next time she was in the hospital, she would not be coming out alive. So manage everything well not only for your own health but for your loved ones because they want you healthy too!

I really loved your reply Korrie.

How insperational…Thanks so much for your words.