How do you guys cope with a really bad couple of days?

Ok so I had some scary news yesterday about some personal things (not diabetic related)... and I freaked out couldn't sleep and when I did sleep it was the next day/afternoon. I kept giving my self little amounts of insulin through out the night/day but you know when your stress is always there your blood keeps high. Took my blood before i went to bed 190, then in the morning 211, then an hour later 54, then fell asleep in the afternoon till 4 it was 310.... yea stress is terrible for anybody especially us. So I know I've been high for a night and day. How do you guys get over this mentally and physically because in my mind its like "oh man what damage was done?" but I always think what could you have done you were stressed out beyond belief. How do you guys cope with a really bad couple of days?

Thanks guys,
Jim A.

Sometimes, I go through periods like that without even knowing why. I have to convince myself that it's not going to last forever and, in the grand scheme of things, a bad spell is not the end of the world.

The flip side is going through an extended period of good readings and good results and imagining that it is a period of healing where you are hopefully reversing the damage done from the bad spell.

I have to have those thoughts, otherwise it's easy to feel hopeless.

Thanks pat, thats def. what i needed to hear right now. Good points about the temp basal... i have no idea why i don't do that. ttyl

I like to go in the basement, fire up my guitar and try to play along with Pearl Jam or Guns n' Roses or something like that, challenging enough for me that it de-stresses me a lot.

Hi Jim;

Been there myself, usually go down to the family room and start up the treadmill and do about 15 to 30 minutes of walking which always seems to dissipate my tension plus lowers my BG level a little. It's cold now where I Live but when it's warm I walk around my house or up and down the road in front to burn off the tension. I try to keep my mind off the bad things that bother me and cause tension and do little things to keep my mind occupied including reading and writing on this web site.
The less tesion the better my numbers seem to be.

I've had a really rough week. My heart rate and blood pressure both went completely out of whack and shot up dangerously high for some completely random reason we can't identify. I ended up in the ER twice, and one of those times they treated me like I might be about to crash any moment and told me I'd need a medication that would stop and then "reset" my heart (very scary experience, but luckily I didn't need that medication!), and I was admitted to the hospital where I spent 24 hours with my vital signs being continuously monitored (and setting off the monitor alarms periodically).

My blood sugars have been out of whack for about a month or two now and are still out of whack, and I was stressing about them over the past month ... but compared to feeling like my body might just crash at any moment, diabetes doesn't really seem like that big of a deal anymore. I mean, obviously it is over the long run, but over the past few days I just can't freak out over a blood sugar of 250 anymore. It's just not worth freaking out over when it's not going to kill me.

A few days or even weeks of highs and lows is not going to kill you as long as you are still monitoring and taking action so they don't get dangerously high or low. I have had situations in the past where I know I'm going to be really stressed/emotional (putting pets down, etc.) and I just prepare myself for the fact that I'm going to have to test more and do more corrections than usual. I don't think it's worth stressing yourself out even more over, especially when you already know that stress is the cause. Hopefully that stress will be ending soon (if it hasn't already) and things will get back to normal.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope whatever is/was stressing you out will pass soon, if it hasn't already!

Hi Jim,

One of the roughest things for a diabetic. If you have been diabetic long you know the day will come when the wheels WILL fall off. It is going to happen and there is nothing that we can do to preventit except our best. Might be caused by a cold or the flu, might be bad news about a pet or a loved one. Could be bad news about a job or a friend. Or, as FHS said, you may not even know why.

Just understand that the damage comes from those long periods with high sugar. Not the spot day here or there. Thanksgiving is tomorrow in the US. I already know that, eating healthy or not, I will spike just with all the extra people in my house. All you can do is your best to get back on track and leave the passed where it the past.

For that last part I know of no magic potion or cantation that will work. Wish I did.

Stay healthy my friend and remember...YOU CAN DO IT!!

As you can see we are all affected by stress in one way or another. I've been at this for a long time. I just let the water roll off my back. That tends to destress me to some extent by not letting it get to me.

I don't like the rollercoaster either... but a rollercoaster or a day of high bg's really doesn't come on the screen of "really bad couple of days".

IMHO a really bad couple of days involves a trip to the ER or something.

What you're dealing with is hard to control bg's which is, well, where most of us are a lot of the time.

If thinking about high bg's just adds to your stress, well, find something else to think about. I'm not trying to be trite but our lives are a whole lot more than our bg record.

There are some superstars here who never have out-of-whack bg's but I think it's unfair, for you or me to compare ourselves to them. Those superstars may be very frequent posters but as fractions of total readership... pretty tiny.

Face it we are all ticking time bombs and unless they (the medical community) figures out how to effectively treat this MF we will continue the rollercoaster of H---L. The bottom line is it's always something... It was stress today but yesterday it was my pump infusion was clogged. Tomorrow it will be I ate a few extra crumbs or my liver didn't do what it normally does at night. To be honest if I felt fine wherever the numbers went I could care less. I'd just try to live my life to the fullest and hope by genetics to avoid secondary problems. Unfortunately I am rarely in a good frame of mind being the sugar swings wreak major havoc in my physical and mental state. To worry about a few days of bad bloodsugars is a waste of energy being your gonna have to deal with it indefinitely anyway. Sometimes I get so sick to my stomach knowing that I got robbed a peaceful life. Of all the bad things that could happen to someone I'd definitely put diabetes at the top of list especially being diagnosed very young. Sometimes I think I'd cut off a limb to not have diabetes anymore.

Dancing and alcohol...Both relaxes me and keep my sugar low