How do you have a life?

I take 2mg metformin and 500mg metformin...most time i dont take the question is...does everyone gotta eat something every 2 hours or so? i hate constantly eating! even when im not hungry. when i go somewhere its such a hassle...i take a baggie of grapes or snack crackers with me when im running just drives me crazy! any suggestions on foods i can eat to keep me good for awhile or foods to take with me when im gone for the day

i meant 2mg glimpride

I keep protein bars on me, at the very least for times when I'm starving.

Shawnmarie is right, though--you shouldn't have to eat every two hours. As someone mentioned in your other post, the glimpride is probably inducing lows--I think you should call your endocrinologist and get your meds changed.

As for other foods, crackers stashed in a small, hard container in a desk drawer or at the bottom of a bag--they won't smush and then you'll have something to eat.

But seriously, call your endocrinologist and talk over all these lows. It definitely sounds like the glimpride needs to be taken off.