How do you judge fitness to work?

I’ve been type 2 diabetic for a couple of years but this year has been difficult.
I had a heart attack in July and one of my arteries was stented it was 80% blocked and another was 40% blocked.

I thought I was recovering fine, I had a cardiac stress test on the 6th which showed my heart working fine.

last wednesday I was due to start a cardiac rehabilitation program however I was in hospital having been admitted tuesday night with severe chest pains on wednesday i was stented again the 40% blockage had grown to 99% in between 3 - 4 months and thats with quiting smoking and better control of my diabetes in fact i started byetta on the 1st of october and feel better than i have for years strangely enough.

so its a strange situation I feel mostly ok but I was lucky with my heart attack and even luckier not to have a second.

I don’t know what I am fit for now. It seems manual labour isn’t advisable and perhaps i need to train or change the type of work i do.

It seems that if I’m classed as disabled then It makes access to education easier and employers get a bonus they get paid to employ me.

having got uncomfortably close to dying twice this year it seems i am sick but am I fit for work or not?

I guess the problem is I can function fairly normally most of the time but I am limited on how much stress I can safely cope with.

final thought
I used to put health excellent on my CV whats an honest alternative?