How do you lessen hot flashes- no matter the cause of the hot flashes?

I just categorized this under type 1 since i saw some posts from type 1’s about hot flashes. my question is, what ways have you found to lessen them? I’m not concerned about the cause of the hot flashes as the remedies might help regardless of the root cause. the only think i cannot use is hormone replacement therapy, so if that has helped, please dont’ post it because i do know hrt is the most effective method. i just can’t use it because of family history. i have found some things that seem to help as well that i will post later as i am running late.

As a T1 it’s no fun wondering, even briefly is it a hot flash or am I crashing? Per my Endo and Family Doc to lesson frequency - no alcohol, no caffeine, lots of exercise. This works for me no hrt.
Good luck!

it doesn’t work for everyone, but Black Cohosh brought me some relief

Do you find its better to exercise in the morning or can you exercise in the late afternoon,evening with no problem?

My regular and consistent exercise is morning, but I’m very active the rest of the day. I don’t have much down time until evening. I do still get flashes but I’m able to almost ignore them.

how about hot drinks and hot showers in the evening? also, i am very sensitive to any light at night- i need my bedroom to be pitch black. lastly, i find it important for a good sleep not to eat late at night- how about you?

thanks, marie.

Hey Marie,
I don’t shower in the pm, or drink many hot drinks. I do enjoy a dark bedroom, but our 8 year can make bedtime partytime. We sleep with a box fan and I aim it towards me, it helps. I try not to eat anything after dinner, does not always work. A good nights sleep tends to be a bit elusive.


My dr. recommended Evening Primrose Oil capsules for hot flashes. Didn’t help me, but thought I would add my 2c worth in case it might help you.