How do you like it Sir, luke warm hot or steaming

Shower or bath person or both, hope I am not getting too personal,but I prefer a long hot soak in a bath foaming with smelly stuff a good read usually photographic or science fiction magazine will do if I can afford one,getting the water temperature just right is a problem as my toes feet legs are no good gauge since loosing a lot of feelings in my extremities now that is a long word for a non speller,more than once i have stepped into the bath to find it far too hot when I sat down silly I know but it has happened soaking there seeing my skin shrivel is not a pretty sight I have seen roast pork looking the same a few minutes longer then there would be crackling to go with it,I have found an excellent thermometer and use it every time it is called my wife/Angel she knows just how I like it nothing having your back washed as well,I could be 6 years old sitting in the tin tub in the living room and mom would do my bath and wash my back and dry me,when the water got cold she would gently pour a little hot water in out of the kettle,but seriously loosing feelings in your toes feet and legs can cause problems you just have to be more careful than usual,getting in and out of the bath is another challenge it could be embarrassing if it was not my Angel helping me gently into the water pride well that went on my first fall getting out of the bath some time ago.
When we win the lottery we are going to get one of those baths that have a door in the front so I can get in and out all by myself and a shower cubicle for when I get ill and cannot use the bath, simple solutions but all costing money,replacement windows and doors are first on the list new central heating system is second gas cooker third the list goes on and so I will not bore you stiff with the rest,except to say £20.000 might do it,not much if you say it quickly,everything costs money these days you cannot watch TV unless you get a licence well you can but who wants to get caught not worth the hassle,it would seem the government has every thing you want to do covered by some tax or another,wonder how long it will be before they charge for that.
Back to the bath the soak the relaxation the good read time to wash my hair have to stand up to do that under the shower here goes are you free love need a helping hand.