How do you power T-Slim during power outage?

I started the T-Slim about six months ago. Do any of you have plans to recharge your pump if you don’t have power? Are there devices you can buy that will do the job? I switched from Medtronic and I never minded having to insert a new AAA battery every few weeks.

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I keep a portable charger power bank that is meant for charging cell phones on the go. Keep one of these charged up for standby and you will be ready power outages.


Me too.

I also can charge from my car with adapter.


In this day and age, where we all depend on rechargeable devices - not just T:slim users, we should all have backup battery stashes. We actually have quite a few of them because we’re both addicted to the tech. They just sort of live on the desks plugged in for whenever we need/want. They’re actually really convenient to have, too. It’s nice to have them for travel and working outside.

We live in the middle of nowhere intentionally because my husband is a big doomsday prepper , and I’m a convert myself since it’s left us at an advantage during so many small instances and this pandemic, so we’ve also got a few of these solar/hand crank things. One lives in the house and one livess in the car in the “100 hour kit”/“bug out bag”.

We also have an approved shut-off switch for the power grid, so we can separate ourselves and plug the whole house into the electric car or backup generator. And our current project is building a portable solar panel cart with a few spare panels we had from installing solar at his mom’s. His mom’s house, a mile up the road from us, also has a windmill that we’ve re-engineered to a massive battery, instead of the original well pump, but that’s a last resort. Don’t want to put needless wear and tear on it. However, all this is a lot more than I would expect from any rational person! LOL.

You really only need one of the first two items. Between the two, I would recommend the solar/hand crank option I linked. It’s nice to have options, and they can usually be plugged in to get a quick charge so it’s ready when needed.



Although I don’t have the extensive set that @Robyn_H describes, I have multiple options:

  1. Each of us has a 20,000 mAh Anker “portable charger” (a good sized lithium battery) that will charge a phone several times and a t:slim probably a dozen times. I have used that several times for off-the-grid XC skiing trips where we are several hours by snowcoach from the nearest emergency services or sources of power. With cables for phone or pump. These are about the size of a stack of 3 full-size Hershey bars.

  2. A smaller 5700 mAh Anker power pack with their own set of cables for phone, pump, or recharging. I almost always have one of these in a jacket pocket and it is more than capable of a couple of phone charges and multiple pump charges.

  3. Appropriate car charger adapters. Some cars have one or more charging ports that are “live” even if the car is not running. My charge ports require the car to be running … so I rewired the relay that controls the charging ports so that it is always on. So, I could likely charge even if my car was completely broken.

  4. In my car I also carry one of those “self-jump” portable car starters. Not only does that allow me to usually jump a dead car battery without needing another car, but is has a USB port for charging just about anything including pumps and phones.

Note: items 1, 2 and 4 above all are based on lithium batteries. I NEVER, NEVER buy a cheap lithium battery due to potential fire hazards. For portable power packs, I’ve been happy with the Anker brand that many folks believe are about the best.

Finally, all of these self-contained charging devices need to be charged periodically to make sure that they are ready to go.

Stay safe! You get bonus points for thinking about things like emergency t:slim charging before you find yourself without power.



I will be changing over to the Tandem pump in 3 weeks. Since I live in hurricane prone Florida can someone provide some more information on car charging the pump.

See item 4 in previous post by John, which is same as what I have and would use if needed.


The easiest/cheapest thing can be found by doing a search for “Duracell dual USB car charger”. That plugs into any of your convenience outlets (that we old timers used to call cigarette lighters). Then with an appropriate USB-A to micro USB-B cable you can charge your pump as you drive and still have an extra USB-A for phone or anything else.

Finally, you probably want to check if those convenience outlets are powered continuously or only when your car is running.

Good luck and stay safe.


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My small portable charger will charge my pump 3 times.
But also I do it in my car. I doubt

Yes, Michelle!! I never saw the rechargability of the T-Slim as anything but a huge annoyance on an otherwise great pump. It’s not nearly as bad when you have to charge a Dexcom receiver, for example, because it’s not tethered to your body.

@Michelle43 We had so many power outages and shut downs these past 2 years in California that I was glad I was prepared : ) I bought a Jackery Portable Power Station AND the Solar Panels which are amazing for when power is out for a few days. For shorter outages and day trips , I have the smaller Anker and a portable Solar charger that fits in my backpack or large purse.

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I have a small portal charger in my purse and I have extra cords in car and at work. I also have a solar one that is in my emergency kit in case of an earthquake or wildfire.

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I have a 5200mAh portable battery. It can re-charge phone or pump. I find it’s handy if I forget to charge my pump and I’m going to be on the move and I can’t be tethered to a charging cord, usually from my laptop. I slip it in a pocket and connect to my pump and off I go.

I have two small battery chargers, one by Jackery and one by Anker. The Jackery is the one I use all the time to charge my t:slim. I HATE the rechargeable battery it has. I wish they had gone with a AAA or AA battery - allowing use of a rechargeable version of it also. So i use the Jackery to not be tied down to a chair while charging. Pump is attached to my belt, Jackery in my pocket. I get at least 12 pump charges out of one charge of the Jackery.

I also believe someone makes a AA-powered USB charger that might be good to have if the grid fails. And there are always solar USB chargers designed for backpackers.

I have been using g a Tandem pu p for awhile now. And charging has never been an issue for me.
I charge it when I am sitting in my recliner watching tv or sitting at my table when I scrapbook or when I am driving in the car or when I disconnect when I shower. It has never been an issue, it is pretty easy and even if you don’t do it everyday or so, it not an issue. I have had it get down to 10% and still working. I love not having to worry about always having a certain type of battery with me.

I am sure its also all about getting a habit to charge it, but its not that hard I believe