How do you rock the pump?

I am wondering if any of you try to make your pump look cool? Its sometimes hard for me to hide the big bulge under tighter clothing. Sometimes I rock big belts and things to hide it, any other suggestions? How bout you who let it all hang out? What do people say?

I wear mine right out on my belt in a holster the company makes. They also have ‘skins’ so I can park different colours on it, and as I like to decorate, I can place crystals onto the skins. Blingy-bling! LOL

I work in Tech and it actually gets some neat comments from customers too. Many are familiar with the insulin pump these days.

Some members have been talking about using a Spibelt. It looks really cool to me. check out the discussion - here -

I have an animas ping and it is the pink one so I show mine. Most people think it looks cool looking. I show mine all the time, I don’t hide it a bit. Mine is pretty, I clip it right on my skirt or shorts,pants or whatever and go.

I usually just wear my Minimed blue paradym on my waistband and really, no one seems to even notice it. If they do, they don’t usually comment on it.

I wear my MM on my belt. It looks like a pager. I haven’t considered ‘rocking it out’ but it sounds like a very cool idea.


I am boring, but not by choice:) Mine is a clear Paradigm 522 and I desire pretty skins at a lower price. I noticed you wear a pod…they should make them in different colors and some novel designs. I remember when I saw the first infusion pump patch:) I said…what a great idea, wish I had thought of it!

I let my pump and tubing showw! i wear it on a clip either in the front or in the back! my mini med is rockin with a cuteee skiiin!! it’s all beautifiedd!

I used to just clip it to my belt and tuck the tubing into my pants but now I rock a spibelt. easier to wear things that dont have belt hoops and it doesnt fall of my pants at the gym


Wear CROCS, they get all the attention, no one will even notice your pump. I’m serious.

I rock out with my Crocs out! LOL

And of course wearing it in my pocket or in a nice cell phone case, no one knows. I taught a High School advertising class last year, a few students asked me what my cool cell phone was. True. My friends don’t even notice my pump. But of course they are focusing on my Crocs… lol

Hope you smiled,


My pump is on my belt, waistband, or around my waist using a home made “waist thing”. Mine is charcoal gray, so it goes with everything. LOL!

I have an Animas Ping and usually I’ll just let it hang out in my pocket. If I am wearing something with a slimmer cut then I’ll hide it in my bra. :slight_smile:

i have an accu-chec spirit, and you can get things that are basically stickers to cover the front with, and you can swap and change them

HAHAHA! You are too funny Danny!

I wear my ping in my bra unless I am wearing a super tight shirt. Then I tuck it into my pants pocket or just clip it to my waist. I don’t care if people see it and it brings up a chance to educate folks if they want to learn.

You are so right, no one will notice the pump if you are in Crocs, LOL!

I downloaded some Ed Hardy images and splurged and bought a couple of Skins by SkinIt where you can upload your own images. When it’s dressed up I don’t mind letting it hang on waistband or pocket with the thin holster. Usually, however, I clip it so it is on the inside so the bulge isn’t so big. If I’m wearning something a little more … let’s say evening wear… I’ll hide that sucker under the bra strap around the top of the cup.