How do you uncoil your tubing?

This question is for all the non-pod pumpers out there. How do you uncoil the new tubing when you insert a new set?

The sets come all packaged up together with the tubing which is very convenient, but the tubing is coiled up tightly.

I have an Animas pump so I use luer lock sets. I've used 3 different ones & in my experience the tightness of the coiling varies. The least coiled are the Comforts, the tubing is in the package with the infusion set coiled up but seems to straighten quite easily. With the Insets the tubing is wrapped around the inserter & sometimes has quite a kink where it joins the connector though I think recent sets are getting better. The worst are the Inset30s, the tubing is coiled up in a separate package, I expected it to be like the comforts but it seems more permanently coiled.

I just run my fingers up & down the tubing stretching it a bit. Sometimes works better than others.

So what do other pumpers do? Or am I the only person who finds coiled tubing very annoying.

I keep my tubing coiled so I can belay it around the loose end of my belt.

I usually let my pump swing by the tubing till it quits spinning but it still coils back up

I kinda give my tubing a couple of quick tugs straightening it out as I tug on it. Kinda helps some with the coiling. I can't get mine perfectly straightened out though.

Hmmm..never really give it a thought. I unwind it and attach it and then it's good to go!

Me too. I have the Medtronic.

I let it do it's own thing and don't really worry about it.

I agree. I tuck the tubing into my pants and forget about it.

What I'm curious about is, Annabella, have you had some problems due to the coiling of the tubing?

Never really considered that before. I just unwind it from the packaging, and it tends to straighten out enough to serve its purpose.

I agree with Jamie. I have never really thought about it before. It seems as if it fixes itself after a few hours. I keep it tucked in,. for the most part, so it stays body temperature warm, and never worry too much about it. I think I have only hooked on something once, and caught it before it was a problem.

Yeah I do that too, sometimes it lasts for some time. I also lay it out flat on the bathroom counter when I disconnect to shower.