How does working night shift affect your sugars..?

I am finding myself in the position where I strongly believe it is time to change jobs after being in the same hospital for 13 years… I have a very good opportunity to work night shift… I have always worked swing shift… but this will be for 12 hours one night a week and two nights the next week.

What I am wondering is… How does working night shift affect your blood sugars. I am so new to this and just getting a handle on what I can and can’t do and what I can and can’t eat… I hate to throw a monkey wrench into it, but I need to have all the facts before I make a decision…

Does anyone have any input?

I worked night shift for 6 years and in between this I became a diabetic. Working swing and night shifts do contribute to the development of diabetes. Mainly your body clock gets confused and does not know when to produce certain hormones and such. There is literature on the subject.

My BS levels were always high for me at night unless I took an extra dose. I am insulin dependent. I found it difficult to manage my BS levels because I had to take my meds in a opposite way.

My advice would be to make sure you are able to move off of night shift when you feel your body starts to tell you it doesn’t agree with the nightshift. I like the night shift but it was not good for my D management and my body was tired all the time. I am still not able to sleep 6 hours straight.

I got laid of from my previous job and now I am working day shift. It has been a hard transition and its been 6 months. I am still having difficulty controlling my BS levels and I still have the urge to eat at 3AM. This was lunch time at my old job.

I hope this helps.