How does your blood sugar number affect you? Help?

Hi all,
I had a bit of odd lunch today; cuz I wasnt really hungry. Just wanted to munch.
I was 142 before lunch. (12:49)
I had some hummus with a half of a cucumber sliced and some grapes.
I’m 166 now (3:32)
Normally a number like this would not make me feel like going and laying down for a nap.
Today, totally different!!! Just SLEEP!!!
I feel lost again. I have hummus with cucumber on a regular basis for lunch. Sometimes coleslaw or a a different salad with it.
Why such a huge difference in how I feel a couple hours later?
Will different food always affect me?

There must be something in the air. A lot of people I have talked to are having blood sugar problems including myself. My sugar was 113 before I ate lunch. Had a bowl of cheerios. Took 15 units of symlin and humalog both and 30 min later my sugar was 87. I knew it was dropping to fast so I ate a granola bar and drank 10 oz of juice and my sugar is now at 80. The other night I had pizza, sugar was 135 before, about 2 hours after I was at 33 and starting to go into shock. Thankfully I caught it before it was full blown shock, I just had sweating really bad and was starting to get confused. My doctor has majorly dropped my insulin this weekend and i am still going low. So who knows what is going on with the body anymore. You aren’t the only one confused MeadowLark

yeah… really. sigh… but I’m type 2 and if I am type one it will take something very major
happening to get the doc to realize that. Because of my family( no one to watch the kids if I went into the hospital. Hubby is activated.)
Even though all previous members of my family were type 1 diagnoses between 45 and 52 years old. (I’m 48 now and been gestative for 7 pregnancies over the last 16 years. kinds knew in my heart that I was diabetic anyway.)
I’m waiting for my opportunity to argue with a nutritionist this Friday. LOL!
I thought I knew food and what it did to my body! Well, that was before going to the doc and adding medicine to the mix. It is really messing up everything I’ve know for the past several years of testing on my own.
Unfortunately, I cant afford test strips without the doc right now. sigh…
Still feeling so sleepy and just clicking refresh to see if anyone has suggestions or any kind of advice on what is up.

If I were you I would just sleep. That is what my doctor told me, he said listen to your body and do what it says. Sleep will be the best thing to get your body to recover from this.

I wish I could Cody:(
I have special needs children and my husband is on 12 hour shifts at the base right now. ( it also takes an hour to get to and from the base.) I dont dare sleep til he is home to care for the kids. sigh… ya shoulda seen me when he was in Iraq! Yuck!
So far, this activation is local… hope it stays that way too.
On the better side…it’s 5:18 and I just tested at 129. Awake; but now feel crappy.

High blood sugar can make you feel sleepy. You don’t know what your blood sugar was between 1 and 3, so it could be that it was running high for a while, and your body is just taking some time to recover.

Hi, Meadowlark,
Sorry you were feeling bad. I can relate because I always feel terrible if I go up above 160. My suggestion is to try and stay below 140 all the time, which means if you test before lunch and are already 142 it might make more sense to have a really low carb lunch. I know it seems like the hummus and grapes are very healthy, and they are for someone without diabetes. I can’t manage them without insulin though and I imagine they raise your blood sugar quite a bit also which is why you felt bad. The cucumber probably doesn’t affect you at all but grapes are really high carb and any kind of beans are high carb too. I used to get upset because my blood sugar went up so high from carrots with hummus, so I pretty much don’t eat them any more. I don’t use insulin at school because I can’t take the time away from my class to monitor my sugar so I eat very low carb for lunch- usually a big salad and maybe an egg, some cheese or chicken for protein. I feel energetic and much better when I keep my blood sugar low- between 80 and 110 most of the time. And I am finding lately that my numbers are improving because I have taken the stress off my pancreas. Good luck!

MeadowLark, I know what you mean. I kinda had a lunch which was a bit too carb-y today, and I nearly fell asleep during my newswriting class! Thankfully by the time it rolled around to dinner I was at 5.3. It’s a bit higher than I like it to be, but at least it’s within my target range!

Just curious, but if 5.3 is a bit higher than you would like, what the heck is your target range?! That seems perfect to me.

And to the OP - could you be getting sick? No appetite, feeling sleeping, blood sugars higher than you expect … When that happens to me one of my first thoughts is whether I’m getting sick.

Before meals I like to keep it under 5. But officially it’s supposed to be between 4-6. Ideally it should be under 5 if I test before dinner though it may not happen all the time. :slight_smile:

Wow. My “official” target range for before meals is 4-7 and even that is difficult for me to hit most of the time (lots of times I’ll test just barely out of range, like 7.3 etc., and I would go crazy if I beat myself up over that, so in my mind anything under 8 is “in range”).

Even people who don’t have diabetes can get sleepy at times.

Hi, I too have been having some wierd readings. I think it has to do with the spots I give my shots. Sometimes the side of my abdomen works and sometimes it’s like I never took a shot. Also with my shoulders if I shoot up too many times in one arm the insulin starts to lose its effect. I was also wondering why my high blood sugars make me tired sometimes and angry others.

Hi Thomas, I started this thread a little over a year ago. Time hasnt changed much. I’m now using insulin (sometimes, because of unemployment I try to make the vial last longer.) Still, it seems for me that alot of different things come into play when it comes to my bloodsugar numbers. Stress,getting sick, taking my insulin shot in the same place too many times, balance just is the key to everything. I think finding it is such a struggle. I’m coming to the point of just being thankful when I get my numbers to at least stay even for a few days at a time.
Definitely remember to change up your shot sites and watch out for sneaky carbs and sugar during this Christmas season.

Just out of curiosity - do you eat grapes on a regular basis in addition to hummus & cucumber?

Bring on the water. I cannot get enough with a high BS. Pass the water pitcher, daddy needs a cold one. LOL

Rick Phillips

PS starts at about 190 and ends about 170. My thirst is better measure than a glucomoter.

I did for a while… then this last year has been a great challenge in many areas. sigh… I need to get back to making my hummus and few other good things for me. I can really tell the difference!
Yes, Rick. Me tooo! I’m sooo thirsty when my numbers are soaring!

Hi M.L.:

My name is Sid and I’m 37. I’ve been a diabetic for 6 years and recently turned type 1. I read your comments and I must say I’m worried about myself. Mostly because you want to take a nap when your sugar gets to be 166. It’s common for my sugar to be 200+ - 400+, but I feel perfectly fine. This scares me becuase God only knows what damage is being done.

Is there anything you or any of our readers know of that can help me. i work 2 jobs and often work night shift, so I think my sleep pattern may have much to do with me delima. I am under a doctors care, but even with Insulin 15 units 1 daily, I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve even started taking Cinnamon capsules.

Best of luck to you:
Bless you all

Sid, I’m so like you! One other thing to suggest; pack any veggie that is green into your snack bag/lunch kit.
It will not only help you to feel full; it is easy to digest and will help the numbers.