How does your Meformin Extended Release look like?

Hi there, apology for English my third language.

I went to a pharmacy that speak my language to get my Meformin, it does NOT say on the bottle if it the immediate release version or the extended one.

But my Meformin is this one, the round pill one.

I’m guessing this is not the extended released one right? If you ever took the extended release one, how does yours look like?

The best thing for you to do is ask your doctor. You can also do a search of the tablets on the net (not with the photo but with the actual name) and you’ll get your answer

Not extended release:

You can google the tablet shape, color, and imprint/writing to find out what it is generally. That said, most drugs have many different generic tablet types, so multiple different ones can be the same thing—I’ve had metformin ER in both round tablets (with different letters) and oblong tablets, all with a powdery coating that is what makes them ER.


There are many different manufactures of generic metformin extended release tablets, each has it own shape, color and imprint. One thing I noticed is that all appear to be either oval or oblong in shape. Here are some examples,

Metformin ER definitely comes in round tablets too, just not with the LL label.

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The name of your drug (Metformin Hydrochloride 500mg), as well as the manufacturer (Laurus Labs Limited) should appear on your pharmacy medication information sheet, as well as on the bottle itself. Probably in very small print.