How far in does the cannula go - choosing good sites

I'm looking to try the omnipod. I have been a mm user for 11 years and have always used the hard needles. I know the length I get - 6 mm - so I know where on me I have enough fat for me to place my site.
What I can't find any information on is how deeply does the cannula on a pod go in? I would REALLY like to not use my abdomen and was hoping to use my thighs or back, but I'm just not sure if I can.
I have also heard that women can use breast tissue- has anyone found this to be true?

Does anyone have a graphic or more information on non- abdomen sites?

Thanks so much!

Stick to the chart of sites given by Insulet on thier web site and you'll be just fine. Those sites are good both for skin depth and for absorbing rates. I've tried some "other" sites and had some bad experiences from those.

edit: link for you

From the FAQ:

What is the length of the Pod's cannula?
The Pod’s cannula is 9 mm. Its hands-free, virtually pain-free, automated insertion takes just 1/200ths of a second, during which the cannula is inserted to a depth of approximately 6.5 mm at a 45-degree angle.


9mm*sin(45 degrees) = 6.36mm.


So the answer is, not much deeper than your straight in 6mm needle.

Hi Sweet. Don't know where the need for a fat site comes from. When I started I was on U40 witch was a 26 Hr duration insulin. They said not to inject into the muscle as the absortion rate would be too fast. Now most all pump users are on a fast acting insulin and you want it to react quickly so puting the pod on my arms works well as there is no fat. If you want to see mine installed jump to my page. As far as cannula length I think a little less than what you are currently using. I think about 5 mm. Sorry for the spelling errors as I am getting ready for Holloween. Best of luck on your decisions. I for one love the pod and all the freedom it has provided me with.

Hi Sweet I just removed a pod and decided to measure to answer your question. NPHpilot nailed it as it was just a freckel over 6 MM. Math is a wonderfull thing. Best wishes.

Measuring is even better. I should have thought of that :)

The length of the canula is about 9mm. The agle is 45 degrees. And the depth is about 6,5mm Second picture in this Link: The Pod

I measured the cannula on the used pod too. No way you can stretch it to 9mm, I am getting 6-7 mm max. You don't need much for pod, I use my low back a lot, with MM stomach was most convenient, and now I don't use it at all to get some rest. Back, tight and arms.

WHEW! Thank you, all of you, for your detailed information! I am really hoping to use any other site but abdomen for that same reason.

Thank you! Now I'm impatient to get my hands on a pod... :)

I suffered with the Pod for nearly 4 years until my docotr had enough of the 2-3 times a week call with large ketones. My A1C shot up to 9.8 which was the highest A1C of my life and she declared the Minimed a medical necessity and I had it 2 weeks later. The problems I had with the pods were infinit. The originally told me that 1 in 10 pods would fail but after a while I realized its about 6 in 10 fails. If you are lucky it will alarm but most of the time it does not. Every pod is different some of them work great others don't at all. The canula is supposed to go in at a 45 degree angle but sometimes its 90 sometimes it 30 and sometimes if you get lucky you get a pod that works how it is supposed to.

however there are some few and far between people who are lucky and the omnipod works for them. I wish I was one of those people. So to those of you that the pod works, don't take it for granted:)

The only way to know if it will work is to try it out. I would ask your doctor if you could trial it.

If you have a minimed then I would not recommend switching because Medtronic Minimed is the best pump and pump company on the market! 90% of all people who are on the insulin pump choose Medtronic because minimed just don't fail like the pod does!

lol I have tried out the pods two years ago in a clinical trial, so thanks for your concern. I didn't have the pod failure rate like you did, my memory just doesn't remember how deep they were and for the trial I was only allowed to have it in my stomach. I have been on minimed for 12 years and it's time to try something new. I know individuals who love it or hate it- I am just trying to gather information so I can create the best plan for me. :)

I am sorry you had such a bad experience.

This has not been my experience. I have NEVER had ketones on the pod and my A1c so far has dropped from 7 to 6.2 and I am tracking to go even lower on the next one. The failure rate I have experienced on the pod is approximately 3 out of 100.

The insertion process for me has been flawless.

I know users of all available pumps with good and bad experiences. I think there is no ONE perfect pump for all. It is a bait like with the smartphone, many different types for different people.
I think it is great that we have a choice. I learned to accept that we are different, and we need to choose the right pump for us depending on the lifestyle, priorities, needs etc.

I have to add, if I had ketones 2-3 times a week and a failure rate of 60% I would have stopped *immediately* and gone back to MDI, much less 4 years --that's just too dangerous.

dangerous or pure stupid