How Has Diabetes Helped Your Maturity?

Like it or not, Diabetes make people become more reponsible early due to diet and time management. How has Diabetes made you a stronger, more responsible person?

Nope, not here.

Hasn't really helped. I seem to waste more time by looking at my trends on the computer and wishing they were better than they are.

I also do not agree, I am who I am...D has never been part of my legacy and I will never let it contribute to any failures I may have. I was successful, well motivated, and a survivor long before D...Diabetes has been pail in comparison to many things I have had to live with prior to and post diabetes.

I was dx'd as a chubby teen and it forced me to eat a little (emphasis on little) better but it never stopped me from doing anything stupid.

hmmmm as a mom of a diabetic teen diag. at 10 this makes me wonder, he has always been an intelligent, organized, cautious, rule follower type pre diabetes. all qualities that should make him a 'good diabetic'. however, having to worry about his bs at school, his pump alarming, does he have a snack on him, will his pump show while he is at a pool party, bolusing in the bathroom so others do not see.......i worry that these things dampen his spirit sometimes and take away the idea of a carefree childhood. by supporting him and making is seem as managable as we can make it i hope it doesnt effect his psyche long term. but i would say he does have to grow up more, especially if he wants to be a "good diabetic". just my opinion! amy

this may sound absolutely crazy, but here goes: since college i have been a diagnosed schizophrenic with bi-polar disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; i have been on a collection of pills ever since. it didnt bother me if i was lacsidaisical about tking my meds one bit. of course this ended in one disaster after another. when i finally was diagnosed w/ diabetic complications, and i was nearing my twenties, i realized that things would only get worse. FEAR was my motivator. and then i began to get very serious about nurturing myself and being more responsible in every other aspect of my life.this has been an amazing benefit for me and my life. there is an Alcoholics Anonymous saying "whatever keeps you coming back, will keep you coming back" (basically, it doesnt matter what the reason is that motivates you, so long as you have that motivation.) its worked for me, as my intial fear has grown into a healthy respect for my body.

I felt like I had to grow up a bit quicker when I was diagnosed at the age of ten. Never could completely let go, always had the D in the back of my mind. This however didn't stop my pushing myself to the absolute limit in terms of partying, but there was always that worry in the background. I think having D places a burden on a person and we can empathise with others who have illness and worry in their lives.

Yes, I believe D has made me more responsible.

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