How high would you go?

Just curious – for those who have little or no insulin production, how high would you go if you missed an insulin dose and ate your normal amount of carbs?

depends on what im eating.

This is not something that I would experiment with intentionally, but I have forgotten my insulin before. That sends me over 300-400 mg/dl (16.5-22 mmol/L). Not fun.

I guess that it depends on how much insulin production you have and how many carbs you eat.

I think my TU friends are tired of hearing me complain about my doc, but she asked me to stop taking my insulin for a few weeks then take the OGTT. My bgs went as high as yours the first day so I ignored her advice and started taking it again. This confirms that I shouldn’t take that test!

Wow… Once when I forgot my insulin for a day (was on a trip and car broke down. Talk about a 3 hour tour). I shot up over 375. I freak when my numbers shoot over 150 so to more than double that really sent me over the edge. I kept saying I’ve got to get home NOW ! …Not something I’d want to to do again. My family says I turned into a total jerk. I’m now very happy and my Dr. told me if I’m more than an hour away from home… take extra supplies (pump supplies). so I do.

You can take the test, just to convince the doctor. I think that it only lasts about 3 hours, then you can take insulin to bring down the high.

But you certainly shouldn’t be going above 300 daily, if you can prevent it.

i have no clue but i need a lot of insulin to cover what i eat so i cant even imagine how high i would go

I’d have to miss both my bolus and basal. But I just don’t think I should have to.

Can’t believe a doctor would tell a patient not to take insulin for a few weeks! Complain about your doctor all you like:) I wouldn’t follow her instructions either.

I forgot my night basal once & woke up to 278 fasting. Talk about dawn phenonmenon! Forgot to bolus for lunch (it wasn’t much & low carb) & I was near 300.

Kelly , what is the reason your GP is suggesting to stop taking insulin for " a few weeks " ? …sound strange to me , but I am ready and willing to learn ! Please explain , the purpose of an OGTT test ?..I googled and what I got was GTT …is this the same ? And NO , I do not plan to find out through an experiment what my BG number could be , if I did not bolus and stop delivering basal insulin .

Ok. Here’s what’s happening. My D was discovered in Feb when I was 5 months pregnant. I took the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) which is 50 g of liquid sugar and a test an hour later. It was 18 mmols, so I was put on insulin. They sent me for an A1c and it was 6.7.

Then I gave birth and for the first two months everything looked fine, kind of prediabetic numbers.

Then in July my fastings shot up to 10 mmols and my aftermeals were in the high teens. Called the doc, she put me on NPH x2 a day (which sucks by the way) because I was breastfeeding.

By September I was fed up so I went back to the Toronto & NPH i was on during pregnancy and taught myself how to manage bgs with insulin. I needed a combined 24 units a day.

So I weaned the baby in October so that I could get a proper diagnosis. She said go off insulin for a few weeks and then take the OGTT again because she wanted to see where I was at. I went off for a day and a half, got a really bad cold, got worried and started taking it again. My eyes and face swelled up a few days later. Went back to the doc. She wasn’t there went to another doc at her office and he ran tests and told me I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He said he thought that is why I have high bgs and that I don’t have D. He also sent me for an A1c and it was 6.4.

So from the doc’s perspective, they think at most I have a mild Type 2, and that the insulin I’m taking is making little difference (because I would be insulin resistant).

I’m trying to tell them that I believe my D is getting a lot worse. The 6.4 A1c is due only to the fact that I’ve been working really hard to keep my numbers good. Because if I don’t take my insulin I get really sick.

It’s a moot point really, I insisted on seeing an endo and got an appointment next month. I’m just trying to arm myself with as much information as possible so that I don’t get dismissed again. I asked a diabetes educator if I could be sent for a c-peptide. She said the tests are expensive and they don’t run them unless you’ve tried the Type 2 orals and they don’t work. I refuse to do that too!

About 550 or higher!

The fact that you tested positive for Hashimoto’s indicates that you have an autoimmune disease. Those (unfortunately) usually come together. So it is seems probable to me that you also have autoimmune diabetes.

Many people assume that gestational increase the risk for type 2 diabetes later in life, but we have many members that went from gestational to a type 1/ LADA diagnosis after the pregnancy.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Keep pushing to get the tests that determine the type of diabetes and the best treatment.

You should request a c-peptide test (how much insulin your body is producing) and a test for GAD antibodies.

I wouldn’t want to intentionally try this out. I already know how bad-tempered I get when my BG starts to climb despite taking insulin. In almost 30 years of T1 I think I’ve missed giving myself an injection only a few times. I have a dread of running high, probably because of the raging thirst and all-too frequent trips to the toilet that I experienced before diagnosis. All this probably had an enormous impact on me to the extent that I’d sooner choose a hypo over a hyper.

Agreed! Glad to know I’m not crazy.

Make sure you ask for the whole panel of antibodies. GAD is the most common, but I was negative for that one and had islet cell antibodies.

When I was a Teenager, I woke up late for work and forgot about testing(my urine) and also forgot my morning shots. While growing up, we were not allowed to take our Insulin or testing stuff to school, etc. and I continued this practice after I left home.

While at work, a Friend had picked us up each a cheeseberger, fries and large Sprite at Mc’s. I also had 2 Sprite during the day since it was a hot summer day and the fountain water was warm and didn’t taste good. I still hadn’t remembered that I was lacking Insulin.

When I got home about 6:00 pm, I tested my urine(it was orange), took my mixed Insulin, had something small to eat, then caught the bus to go home for the week-end.

Early hours of the morning, I ended up Very sick in DKA, throwing up blood and mostly sleeping on my way to the Hospital.

Anyways during 3 days of Coma, my sugars reached about 1230(68.0). I never did that again. YMMV!!

Kelly , thanks for explaining and I understand the OGIT test now …remember I am a senior member here …did not have to go through that at the lab .I have a much better understanding why you posted the discussion .
And good , that you have an Endo app’t and a chance to ask for a C-peptide again and the tests others mentioned !!
Please record as well as possible all your BG tests ,including night time ones , how many carbs , how much insulin, type and when , exercise , stress .
Even 27 years ago , when I told my GP , that the meds did not work and I needed to go on insulin , the Doc. eventually heard me ( misdiagnosed ) and put me on insulin about 1/1/2 month later. By the way NPH sucks, even if one is not breast feeding ! Still strange, that other Doc thinks you do not have Diabetes …but numbers HI due to Thyroid problems ?..I understand, that you did NOT stop taking insulin by the time the thyroid test was performed ?

I wouldn’t even say how high I had gotten before in the “Dark Ages” as I call it! Thanks Terrie< It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one with the urine tests from waaaay back ! HA!! Already knew that though from talking to you way back when!!!

LOL Doris!! Ya, we sure lived on the edge, didn’t we? My Brothers and I were usually blue-orange, blue-orange and not much iin between. Our Mom and country Dr.weren’t too knowledgeable concerning Diabetes. But they did their Best.

We knew the test result of orange meant high sugar but we didn’t realize that you could die from it. I’d be curious to know what the colour orange compares to in numbers nowadays. Probably 15.0 mmol/L(270 mg/dL) and waaaay over??

I do feel sorry for the Diabetics before us…before Insulin. :stuck_out_tongue: