How i became a diabetic

Here’s a little about me My name is Dimitria, but i also go by Jaime im 28 years old and im Greek And Italian and i live in New York. For fun i like to hang out with friends and family, go to the movies, malls, listen to all kinds of music but especially rock, watch tv and watch dvds at home. I love taking walks i always say god gave me long legs for a reason lol. I love going to concerts and to baseball games. And the main thing about me that you should know is that im a type 2 diabetic.

On Sept 19,2006 early in the morning I remember fainting outside of my bathroom door and i remember the ambulance ride going to the hospital a little while later and my sister driving behind us. I remember that i was hemorrhaging and when I got to the hospital they took some tests and one doctor asked me so how long have you been a diabetic? and my reply was ummmmm right now I guess. My blood sugar was over 500. I was really shocked that i was a diabetic but i said if thats all this is i will be fine cause i already knew about diabetes since my fathers a diabetic too. Then i remember they took me into a room and gave me some blood which it really didnt help since i was bleeding so bad. I remember my lips being so dry and they couldnt give me any water for hours and that i was so hungry cause i didnt eat anything since the night before. I remember being in that room for hours and hours and then i finally got a room on another floor. I remember so many doctors coming to see me and every one of them kept asking me if i was pregnant because of all the bleeding. I remember the doctors putting a central line in my neck which omg was soooooo painful they even had to fix it like 3 times and put a bigger tube cause it wasnt working so now i have a scar on my neck. They gave me insulin and pills to lower my sugar and also gave me a pill to control and stop the bleeding.I had 13 blood transfusions for losing so much blood and was in the hospital for two weeks. So at the age of 23 a month shy from my birthday I almost died. I had lost over 60 pounds in just those two weeks.When i finally got out of the hospital The doctors gave me insulin to take home plus the pills and since i lost so much weight and my numbers were good with just the pills i didn’t take insulin.

And two weeks after I got out of the hospital still weak I walked in my first juvenile diabetes walk and raised $250 One year later i raised $500 and the year after that i raised $1000.21 and then the year after that i raised over $1000 again and my last walk i raised $2013.88 so i think you can tell im very dedicated in finding a cure for diabetes.

Hi Dimitria/Jaime,

Welcome to Tu. Glad you found us. I’m from NYC also, though live in rural VA now. Short legs, but also love to walk. New Yorkers are walkers:)