How I celebrated 🎉

This gets asked every once in awhile on how does one celebrate their anniversary.
Well here is what I did. I was up early for a clinical trial visit. Even wanting to avoid the diabetes today, I couldn’t completely because of the trial.
But I went to lunch with my son and had a huge cheeseburger with a huge order of onion rings. The extended bolus didn’t work very well but oh well.
Had dinner with my daughter and we did Mexican and margaritas! My favorite but just don’t do margaritas very often. Ilya hard one to handle. But a little Afreeza and an extended bolus and walk afterwards, I did ok. But wasn’t really worried whether I did or not. Just wanted a fun food day, where I didn’t worry. If I missed, no problem running a little high one day.
Now just watching some football with a mini bundt cake in my future!
A day to celebrate and it was all about food and family!
Anyone else celebrate by just eat whatever they want? Kinda fun once in awhile!


I was 80 last week, my morning group of people threw me a cake and coffee party. Two slices later and a coffee and I was simmering along nicely. A bbq in the evening, just a sausage and a roll and a slice of cake and I was finished! I suffered for 2 days afterwards, yet I don’t think I had been greedy. I was almost too sick to enjoy lunch with my daughters on the following Saturday at my fave restaurant. But I wasn’t…I enjoyed every mouthful. Thank goodness birthdays only come once a year.


Love that you treated yourself to a T1D holiday @Sally7 :100:

I did the same 2 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: