How I got diabetes in 1960

This is to tell you how come a good looking man like me (according to my magic mirror on the wall) suddenly found himself with diabetes. Up to that point I was never interested in diabetes, of course I did hear about it but I also heard of many other diseases that all the OTHER people had. It was far from my bed! They probably did something that a wise person like myself would not do, hence, they got into trouble. It was not that I didn't care about these people, but hey, you just can't care about everybody now, could you?

I heard that people with diabetes had to quit sugar in there tea as my friends told me, but what was this I heard, some had to take a needle? Why not just take a pill or two and get it stopped soon.

Well they probably got diabetes using too much sugar and cake and candy.... Yeah, that must have been the case! SOME PEOPLE! They just must have too much of things.... Also heard that if you stopped taking sugar in your tea or coffee, that it would go away in about 6 months. Not much of a disease I say!

So, it was about one week before Christmas 1960. I was an active bowler! You know, you throw those balls down an alley hoping to hit some pins with them, understanding that you must stay in you own lane or risk a black eye from you neighbor. Well believe it or not, I was a very good bowler almost always at the top. This night just before Xmas something was giving me trouble! Jah, what the heck, did they change the alley, did they move the pins further back? Where they all there, how come I couldn't count them? A friend came up to me saying " John you had one to many? You don't look very stable!" I became dizzy! I didn't want to have a strike on the next alley and a black eye to boot! By George, I had to go home! Not feeling well at all!

I got in the car and TRIED to drive home. Funny thing that line in the middle of the road was moving, to the left and than to the right! Never seen this before! I was a very quiet evening, good for me.

Got home, that is to say, I walked into the door, no, I actually opened it, yes I did so, I saw Johanna had a scared face and the next minute, no second, did lay on the floor. Went right through my knees and that was it! Was able, with help, to climb into a chair! Took an aspirine...... That's good for everything right?

Saw the doctor the next morning. He took bloodtests and some other ones.

Next morning, the doctor on the phone,....."John your blood sugar is extremely high, you go to the hospital right now!" "Doctor, I can't I have appointments to keep." "John, if you don't go right now, I can't take any responsibility for you! " Well OK, but I don't see why!"

And so to the hospital, a story all by itself!

Now tell me, what happened when you got it?


You wrote that so Well JB. It sounded…Real. Just like it happened yesterday. Johanna must have been in a fright when she saw you walk through the door and fall. I’m Glad that you got home okay that night and that you did go to the Hospital the next day. I enjoy bowling also. I hope to hear more about your Life with D.

I don’t have a diagnosis story. One day I remember eating a few licorice candy that had been set out for the Christmas season. The next thing I remember was my Mom giving me a shot with a glass needle in my butt and I had tears in my eyes afterward. I guess I was in shock. I was dxd. 1 year after you. I was 3 years old. That’s all!

All I remember was hearing my mom and dad talk about how I was loosing weight. For awhile I was kind of a chubby pre-teen. Mom wrote in my baby book “June 9,1964, 81 lbs. (was 92). Blood sugar 240. Trying her on strict diet for a week. June 19, 82 lbs, blood sugar was 222, started her on25 units of insulin 1/2 hour before breakfast. July 1, Blood sugar was 164, increased insulin to 30 units.” And that was the last that was ever written in my baby book. I wish more records would have been written. 240 wasn’t too awful high, but I’m thankful that my doctor did something about it. I would love to have at least pictures of my g;■■■ sryinges and the Clinitest kit.

Nothing so dramatic. I was tired all the time, but I was a few months from retirement and working one fulltime job and teaching at night. But I also noticed I was constantly getting up at night to pee and always thirsty. I knew those were signs of diabetes. I’d also been losing weight, a couple pounds a week which I thought was great as I had 40 pounds to lose, but strange - who loses weight without trying at age 58? I looked up online and saw weight loss could be a symptom of diabetes as well. My grandmother had diabetes (no clue which type, she died when I was 10) and I heard it skips generations (Is that myth true at all?). By the time I called my doctor and asked for a blood sugar test I knew I had diabetes. So it was no surprise when the nurse said my fasting blood sugar was 325 (though I had to say, “so that means I have diabetes?”). I had a rushed couple appointments as I was moving to Guatemala in a month. I don’t know if I actually heard the term “Type 2” or that was just assumed. I’d vaguely heard of “the kind kids get”. I was fine on Type 2 oral meds for a little more than a year, though that’s another story - a bit more interesting but still far from dramatic. I think LADAs just don’t have dramatic diagnosis stories due to the slow onset…maybe somebody will post an exception.

Thank you three for your replies.


Thank you John.