How I Keep My Dexcom on SO LONG video and a Type Tank Review


Every runner has to figure out where to hold everything… Car keys, fuel, water, ipod, money,etc…


As if I didn’t have enough stuff to stash, BAM then I get Type 1 diabetes. Add to the already long list – glucose gels, DEXCOM monitor and more. Where is a girl supposed to put everything? Enter a company called…TYPE TANKS

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“Type Tanks are a versatile tank top that streamline your style and securely hold your insulin pump! Whether running through Central Park, practicing yoga or dressing for a corporate meeting our versatile Type Tanks have a classic style that will make your life easier while managing your diabetes with an insulin pump. The invisible zipper on the side seam allows for easy access to your pump. The pockets are designed to hold the pump in place and keep it safe from humidity and moisture throughout the day!”



The Multi-Tasker Tank Top - $59.00 US ($74.00 CAN)

- Machine washable - Moisture wicking fabric - Built in sports bra pocket - Right and left side pockets - Tube access inside pockets - Streamlined side seams IMG_0881


My first impressions upon seeing the top was “oh no…it’s that shiny fabric.” Yes, I’m a Lululemon girl, so that means I’m used to matte fabrics. After I got over that, which took about 2 seconds, I felt the high quality fabric was immediately impressed. Then I picked it up and OMG… I was in POCKET HEAVEN! This tank has not just two big outside zipper pockets on the backside… But it has a super cool inside chest pocket perfect for a CGM, IPod, Insulin pump, etc.. swoon


My tank was a size medium. I usually wear an 8 in Lulu, as I have very wide shoulders, but a very little chest. FYI: I’m 5’9 and I weigh 145. So, while the tank fit, the top was a bit loose…so I had to wear a minimal sport bra underneath. There is a built in shelf bra, but that would not have supported me. Also, by wear the sports bra I could stuff the shelf bra inside with another glucose gel, if needed. I love, love, love this idea! This tank will be my new best friend on long runs! I really liked the tank and will continue using it, especially on long runs or while hiking where I need lots of pockets. I’d like to see it in a matte fabric and also maybe add a around the neck strap version as well!

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Thank you Type Tanks for creating a workout top that helps us diabetics out!


Recently, my Endo asked me how I get my Dexcom to stay on so long. I usually wear a sensor for 2-3 weeks at a time without irritation. About 5 months ago, I started wearing my sensor on the back of my upper arms. I saw a a recent T1D IRONMAN competitor did it that way and so I followed suit. Anyways…here’s my video how of how I stick my sensor on and my tips and tricks! (please excuse my sniffing…I’m still sick)

Disclaimer: While Tank Tanks supplied me with a tank to try out, the opinions are all my own. This girl don’t lie! Winking smile

This is the best pocket tank I have ever seen for pumps! Thank you for sharing it with us.

@Karen Thanks…its awesome