"How I Take Care of My Diabetes" | by Caleb

This is Caleb...

Thanks to the You Can Do This Project, Caleb and I were able to talk about some things on his mind. Though is original submission was very upbeat, there was a portion of the discussion at the end that I made into a separate video because of its different, much more serious, tone.

Since then, Caleb has really taken charge of things and conquered his fears (specifically about not being able to change his Pod on his back by himself).

And most recently blogged about it himself:

Now that I can take care of my pod changes by myself I am happy. Now I don’t have worries about when I grow up. I do feel a little sad because I don’t know what Mom is going to do. I am also proud. Mom is proud of me too. I feel good that I can change my pod.

I am starting to make the decisions and deal with diabetes on my own. I count my carbs and I bolus. I have also started a diabetes journal. It is as red as a blood drop. I keep track of pod placements, blood sugars, and carbs. I keep track of time too. I get the information from the pod controller. I am going to use the information to change my basal if I go low or high at a certain point of day. For pod placement I make sure that I don’t use that same spot too soon.

Watch out diabetes. HERE I COME!

From, Caleb

He is so dang cute!

Congratulations Caleb! I think it is so great that you posted this video for other parents and children to see. You have a wonderful mom who is helping you to become independent. You must be a very trustworthy 8-year-old. Stay strong!

Hey Caleb, way to go!! Don’t worry about what your mom will do. The more you can do well yourself, the more time she will have to be proud of you.

WAY TO GO CALEB!!! Mom I know your proud!!! YES YOU CAN DO THIS!! That’s always been one of my favorite sayings. You make s proud!!!

Great job Caleb! Perhaps it’s easier for an 8 year old? I don’t think I’m flexible enough to stick stuff on back there!