How I'm feeling today

Emotionally Drained…

When you look at me, you see,
All the positivity that I strive to be.
Always smiling, cheerful and carefree,
Living that which I want to be.

And that is me!

But there’s the darker side of me,

Never resting,
Never smiling,
Never cheerful,
Never carefree

This dark creature lurks within,
Begging to come out and play,
Begging to take over both night AND day.

Trying not to repress feelings,
Trying to tame the beast.
Trying to survive the grief,
that accompanies this life.

I hear, If we talk about things,
And let our feelings out.
Isn’t the emotional toll supposed to…
Remove itself from your back?

Why is this happening?
He is so small, beautiful, young,
Why is He such a narcassist?
Why did He do this when it was His code that was faulty.

So I will continue to be,
that smiling, buzzing Bee,
But deep within, I will hate that beast,
I will NEVER forgive…I will NEVER forget.

Crying, always crying,
Most of the time alone.

I’m just feeling right now…


Hang in there! Some days are easier (even though the D-life is always more difficult)… :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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