How Insulin Became Unaffordable


Yes, I used Lente, UltraLente, Semi-Lente Regular. You name it; I’ve used it if it was prior to 1995. The big issue for me was the Beef component. For gawd-knows what reason, I am allergic to that formulation. Pure Pork formulations worked fine for me. NPH was a no-no for me, just like the Beef.

OMG, I JUST REMEMBERED! Not only did I suffer from prickling sensations all over, but the injection site burned constantly. Being a new diabetic at the time, I thought that was what I’d have to put up with for the rest of my life. Turns out, it was just part of the allergic response. Once I switched to Pure Pork, no more site irritation.

(And I still get ticked, thinking about the endo who didn’t realize I was allergic to those insulins. Grrr!)


All the Lente insulins were discontinued in 2005 or thereabouts.


What little history I know I thought when the Candians science Drs who invented it gave the process to lilly under agreement they would not profit from making it.
I have also been buying insulin for almost 50 years and can remember when I was in high school it would run me, if I remember right about $4 or $5 dollars a bottle. At that time I had no insurance. Definitely worth what I paid.


I’ve heard that big Pharma also pays off those who are working on generics - and not just for insulin


That’s almost exactly my reaction to Humalog - though sometimes, it feels like I’m literally injecting acid or fire into my skin! For now, insulin lispro is listed on my records as an allergy (though it may ONLY be Humalog…) – until the next insurer starts the nonsense all over again… :scream:


Didn’t you use the Asante snap and love it? Or am I thinking of someone else? I thought it only worked with humalog?

Interestingly I’m just finishing my second pen ever of humalog… my first one was several years ago and I felt it didn’t work as well as novolog at the time, no major side effects just thought it didn’t work as well… fast forward several years and I decided to try it again (coincidentally using a pen that expired in June 2016) and I actually felt it’s had worked BETTER for me than novolog did this time… go figure


I did and it did – except I’m a “Bad Diabetic” :smiling_imp:

I "cheated’ – What I did was discover thru some research and experimentation that Apidra penfills and Homalog penfills are virtually identical in size and shape. I also discovered that the insulin reservoir in Apidra Solostar pens IS that same penfill cartridge! So… with a little effort and a wire cutter, I removed the cartridge(s) and used THAT in the Asante Snap! Worked perfectly!


What effect does people using insulin in bodybuilding have on the price of insulin?


From what I understand there is no shortage of insulin. I would surprised if it had an effect on pricing but that’s my unsubstantiated (wild) guess.


A very informative article, they should stop the rebates and they should open up Canada to legally buy your medications. Thanks for the information!


Optum and my HMO rejected my appeal for tier lowering of Novolog. Friday I attended a hearing via conference call. I wasn’t able to get in the discussion on this harvard article (I had sent it in, but I don’t know if they got it.) None of the ten people there had anything to say to me with the exception of one doctor who seemed to get it when I explained how much things are costing me as a pumper, with DME up to 30 percent, strips up and insulin at tier III. Waiting for the final decision to arrive in the mail. They did not like that I had filed a grievance with the state board, but hey, I didnt like that they told my clinic that a tier lowering could be requested and then turned around and said there was no tier lowering on my plan. I never did see anything that stated that.