How is the snap different? Do you like it?

Hey guys! Just wanted to start some conversation about Snap!

Hi guys?

I have been using the SNAP pump for a few months now and I LOVE THIS THING!!! It is very simple, doesn't have all those features that I never use. It can be read in the dark (without my glasses!) and it can also be read in bright sunlight which my smartphone fails to do. Big letters.

The smart bolus seems to work very well for me. The company has been very responsive to my requests for information and technical help.

Their pricing, for my insurance, isn't all that great but I can live with it. I actually purchased a second spare pump because I was going to do some European travel and was worried about possible problems. The spare was "inexpensive" compared to other pumps. (Non materialized and I have yet to use the spare.)

As I type this, an ad for t:slim is to the right on my screen. Asante should do more advertising so more people know about this product.



Hey Jeff! Yes it’s awesome! Best pump I’ve ever used. Do you work at a university?

Yes. University of Central Florida - Physics Department

Hi Chad-
I have used 3 pumps before the Snap. I love the Snap and would not want to g back to any of the others. It is easy to use, has a simple and practical design and it fits my lifestyle.

I'm waiting to get the controller now. But have all the supplies in for 90 days.
Also waiting on the Dr to get the prescription changed for the Snap vials.

I'm hoping to get on this in the next week. I gave up on the t:Slim at the end of November. I really liked it. But hate the cartridge change. Takes so long. Fighting bubbles all the time. Wanted something easier to use as well. Asante has awesome exchange policy so I get the pump at no cost. I like the upgrade policy as well when the pump changes. And I really like the ease of changing insets and priming. Hope to learn more from everyone as well.