How long can you walk every day?


My wife is recovering from her heel injury slowly but, hopefully in the long term, successfully. Very luckily for her, she is under the care of a great, a real great, Egyptian surgeon. We live 500 kilometers from Riyadh so we are extremely lucky that he is the small city where we live. Truly Allah (God is) kareem (generous)!

My wife wants to know how much is safe walking in her particular situation. Once her heel is completely healed, she would like to return to her walking routine. She is curious about how many times a week and how long each session should be. We don’t expect exact rules but some general guidelines about walking for someone with diabetes would be greatly appreciated.

May I ask what the cause of injury was? A sprain? Fracture? Fasciitis?An advise from a physical therapist is also recommended.
Walking is always encouraged in the process of physical therapy. When I had an accident myself…my therapist encouraged gradual walking slowly increasing distance, frequency and duration each day. It has to be gradual until such time that she can already tackle inclines and stairs. She may not feel sore until the next day so start slow
Sometime there maybe some pain…especially in the morning. So few simple heel stretches are also recommended. A comfortable foot wear is also recommended. Sometimes cushioned insoles also helps.