How long did it take for you to get your POD?

I just faxed in the paper work to gat a POD. I’ve been diabetic for about 10 years and have gotten tired of injections. I’m thinking that the POD is the way to go. I’m kind of excited ( and nervous ) to be getting one and was wondering what others went through to get one, get used to it…etc.
Any tips or tricks would also be welcomed.


I’ve been nothing but happy with my pods. I think they came within about a week, but I had to meet with the educator and then use one with saline for a couple of days before going live with insulin. There was really very little adjustment period. Most of the time, I don’t even know it is there. Depending on where it is on your body, you might have to be careful rolling over in bed or knocking it during a particular activity (drying off after a shower, for instance). The good news is my numbers drastically improved after two months. I’m hoping my next checkup will be even better.

Once the insurance approval came through, they sent my “starter kit” (PDM and 3 months’ of pods) overnight DHL. I think that was special treatment because I told them I was going to be out of town for a week and didn’t want the shipment sitting on my front porch all that time. There was no extra charge for that service.
Other than that, I just received a shipment of pods today (Tuesday) that I ordered via phone on last Wednesday or Thursday.

I love the 'Pod - never considered any other pump because of my own “tied down with tubes” hang-up and active lifestyle. OmniPod fits right in and my HbA1c went from 7.7 3 months before starting to 6.6 just 3 months after starting.

I have been on the pod for almost 3 weeks now, and am in love =) most of the time i forget it is even there. it was an easy choice for me. the main reason i waited so long to get a pump was b/c i didn’t want to have to deal with tubes and where to hang the pump. i was nervous about starting on the pod, but once i got into it, it was great. it takes a little time to get basals and such right. but once it’s done it’s amazing how much change you see =) good luck and happy pumping!


After I rec’d approval from my insurance company I would say about 2 weeks. I love Podding