How Long Did Your "Honeymoon Period" Last?

I was diagnosed January 28th, 2008, and today is September 2, 2008. I don’t recognize any drastic insulin change. Also, How much insulin per day do you take on average? I use anywhere from 7 to 15 units a day, and my average insulin to carb ratio is about 1 unit for 30 carbs, even though it is established at 1:17. Thank you for any comments or information.

I just hate to see questions on forums go unanswered so even though I’m new here I’ll give you my answers.

On average - and I’m still using Lantus/Humolog injections since I haven’t got my OP yet - I get 50 units a day. As for my insulin to carb ratio - well it’s not a straight forward answer. I was diagnosed with Addison’d Disease (primary adrenal insufficiency) 4 years ago. Basically it’s an autoimmune disease where the immune system destroys the adrenal cortex. Long story short - treatment involves taking corticosteroid and mineralocorticoid pills. The steroids - which I take in the morning and a lesser dose in the late afternoon - cause insulin resistance. So my insulin to carb ratios vary from 1:4 in the morning to 1:12 in the afternoon to 1:5 in the evening and back to 1:12 at night.

As for “honeymoon period” I can’t help you. I was diagnosed in Oct. 1970. Back then testing involved collecting a urine sample, putting 5 drops of urine in a test tube with 10 drops of water, adding an effervescent tablet to the test tube and looking at the color the sample turned. Blue meant “negative” or no sugar spilling over into the urine and orange meant “4+” or “a lot”. It was very inaccurate - diabetes treatment has come a long way. Oh yeah, and back then I got 1 shot in the morning - NPH. And it was insulin from pork. And it was U-40. THOSE were definitely NOT the “good old days”.

Thank you for answering this! I am glad that we have all of the technology that we have now. I hope the honeymoon period lasts for a long time! I have heard that it can last up to years.

let’s see, I am using about 20 units a day. my insulin to carb ratio is 1:15 in breakfast and lunch and 1:12 for dinner.

thank you!

My honeymoon period lasted about a year. I kept thinking they misdiagnosed me! I know better now but it was great while it lasted!
Best to you.

Do you remeber that horrible smell from the tablet heating up the urine mixture.

Negative–Trace—1+ 2+ 3+ 4+

I took it to school and had to do it there. Embarrassing

I was in the fourth grade when diagnosed–1976

From my experience with my type1 diabetic children,honey moon can last from a month to two years.It can happen quiet recently after onset of diagnosis or later,till one year later!!.

Yep Robin, I remember those days. Fortunately (???) I only tested once or twice a day - at home. I pretty much ate and excercised the same amount every day. As I luck back on it I guess I’m pretty lucky I made it through the days of stone knives and bear skins with no diabetes complications.