How long did your tattoo take to heal?

How long did your tattoo to heal?

Also, I’ve been having high bloodsugars for the past week and a half and I’m planning to get a Medical Alert tattoo this week, will I be okay?


Hi Brandi:

I think the healing process depends on the individual. Mine took about a week or 10 days.

If this is your first tattoo, talk to your artist to find out what you can expect.

Good luck!

It may take a little longer to heal, but as long as you follow the directions that the artist is sure to give you, it should be just fine.

I have 6 tattoos (I got them all before I knew I was diabetic but I think I went undiagnosed for years) and they all healed differently. I think it depends a lot on the extent of the tattoo and how deep the artist goes while tattooing. Like others said, just make sure you follow the artist’s care instructions. You’ll have to post a pic when it’s done!

I have a dragon from my elbow to up over my shoulder - like a quarter sleeve, that took about 10 days to totally heal if I remember correctly. YMMV in a big way, as others have noted. I had an A1C of 10 when I got the work done, so the high BGs just might push the heal time out a little. I have pretty tight control now and have noticed that things seem to heal faster. Havent had any work done latley though.

It all depens on the person and how well your in contrl, when I got my half sleeve which took 7 sessions some healed faster then other times.

Hi Brandi,

I have 5 tattoos- all healed differently (most very quickly)… I have pretty tight control, and the most recent one I got was done last Sunday… It’s on the lower part of the inside of my ankle (under the bone). My sugars have been out of control since I got it done! I have had to set a temp basal rate of +85% for the last 4 days!

My advice is to test much more (maybe once an hour or two) for the first few days. I’m sure you will be fine!

Good luck!


I have eight tattoos, all sizes, various shapes. I tend to have high sugars all the time. Mine did take a little longer to heal, but no more than two weeks. It might peel after that though, and itch. DON"T SCRATCH! I never thought of this medical awareness tattoo. I’m allergic to all metals and this sounds like a good idea. Never have to buy another one!

i know this is an older post, but it interest me. i have 7 tats right now, and being a type 1 diabetic for just under 17 years, ive noticed they take a while to heal. some quicker than others though.