How long do meals stay with you? High after breakfast the next day?

How long do meals stay with you? I few evenings ago I splurged and had a steak for dinner - and not a “size of a deck of cards” steak, but not huge OK - maybe 2 decks. I’ve been working on extended bolus and was excited that it seemed to have been working. I was good the rest of the evening, 135 at 11:00, 128 at 2:30 a.m., 112 at 6:00 a.m. and 140 after 2 hours after breakfast. Then by noon was up to 217 and 197 post prandial.
Then last night had a meal that included Dreamfield’s pasta. Was good all evening and woke up at 98. I had a small snack at 6:00 (1/2 apple, small piece of toast with peanut butter) because we had plans for breakfast later. Then at 8:30 was at 218. So, I’m wondering if the steak was still with me 12-18 hours later? And the Dreamfields 12-14 hours later?
I don’t think it was what I had for breakfast, since it was the same thing I’ve had many times with no trouble. I’ve only been diagnosed for 1 1/2 years, so this is pretty new and these unexpected 200s are making me crazy.

Hi -

I doubt if the steak did you in 12-18 hours later and the post-Dreamfield’s snack had about 25 carbs (if you use natural peanut butter) and I know that if I don’t bolus for 25 carbs I’m going to go up about 100 points or more.

Did you change your site around the time of the post steak 217? Your bounce after breakfast sounds more like a site or messed up bolus problem than like very late digestion.


I agree with Maurie. My morning numbers don’t correlate back to dinner. My dinner results either show up directly 2 hours later or in the case of high fat/high carb combos, both two hours and then higher as late as bedtime. I find Dreamfield’s very sneaky as I’m fine at 2 hours and then soar as much as 6 hours later, but not the next morning. (I gave up on Dreamfield’s). I agree that eating 1/2 apple, and a piece of toast with pb without a bolus would spike me.

Thanks for replying. I didn’t do a site change, though I was just about due for one, but still had plenty of insulin; and I did bolus 23 for the breakfast snack. That’s why I just can’t figure out why I went from 98 to 218! Really hate to give up on Dreamfield’s - yet! Guess it’s one of those things we just won’t figure out.

Maybe your site was absorbing poorly, or hormones were affecting blood sugar. It’s really hard to say, but I don’t think it is related to dinner.

Sorry, Kae, I misunderstood thinking you had not bolused for the breakfast snack.