How long does it take to get a pump after you get insurance approval?

As if the health care system wasn’t frustrating ENOUGH, now there’s another obstacle in my path to getting an Omnipod.

A month ago, Edgepark calls me and tells me that I have insurance (Kaiser Permanente) approval to get my Omnipod, full 100% coverage.

But it’s been a month, and do I have the new pump yet? Nope. :frowning:

Apparently, Edgepark is waiting on one more signature before they can ship out the pump, but I called my insurance on Thursday and asked them what the hold up was. They said there wasn’t one. They gave me an authorization number and everything. So Edgepark says they’re waiting on paperwork, and KP says it’s up to Edgepark to send out the pump. I’m still confused as to what exactly the holdup is. They need a signature? I’ll sign it myself!!

Something got lost in translation, and I hate that I’m stuck in the middle.

Anyone have any advice to offer? Or at least condolences? :stuck_out_tongue: They don’t make this easy, that’s for sure!!

Something like this has happened every time I get a pump. I think it’s normal.
Glad someone at least can get this covered, because my HMO wont do it at all.
Hope it comes soon for you.

I was fortunate and got my about a week after insurance approval. I am sorry you ran into this problem, sounds like some sort of mixup.

I would call Edgepark and ask for a manager. Clarify exactly who’s signature they are waiting for, something isn’t right with this (endo’s?). We had a mix up with Edge Park too so I understand your frustration.

It appears as though they are waiting on a “letter of agreement,” something that they’ve been waiting a month for…

And when I called my insurance and asked them to resend it, they said only Edgepark could request it. I’m going to yell obscenities into my pillow now…

Oh. Well, here’s MAYBE what it could be, we ran into this with Dexcom. If your insurance does not have a contract with Omnipod, sometimes they will sign a letter of agreement that basically gives special reduced pricing for your omnipod supplies. Are you going through Edgepark because Omnipod is not a preferred provider on your insurance plan? If so that could be what’s happening. Or not. :slight_smile:

We didn’t actually need to do this because our insurance was in the middle of negotiating a dexcom contract and it became effective before our purchase, but I was told it was an option.

That is exactly what is going on. My insurance doesn’t deal directly with Omnipod. And unfortunately, they are not negotiating anything either. =( I wish I knew something that could speed this process along. They’re taking their sweet time about it.

Gotcha…sounds frustrating! I hope they get it worked out soon.

I’m sorry for your frustration. I had the exact same problem with American Diabetes Wholesale, where I purchased my Omnipod. After six weeks of back and forth phone calls, I discovered ADW misinterpreted the paperwork from my insurance company and believed they did not have authorization to fill my order. My insurance company assured me everything was in order and approved. Out of total frustration, I researched and found the email address of one of ADW’s executives and communicated my tale of whoa. Received a response within 24 hours and had my new pod and supplies in hand within a week. I’ve continued to receive supplies from ADW now for 9 months without a problem. Good luck to you!

Wow, that’s quite a story! Congratulations on figuring it out, though! :slight_smile: I believe that will be my next step…to contact someone else with my insurance who knows what they are talking about. The only problem is they like to keep their contact information as vague as possible. I’m so tired of going through their automated system. :frowning:
But I am hopeful that if others can get through their insurance difficulties, it’s not impossible for me either!

Ugghhh, I hate that…it’s all by design I swear, so no one has to be accountable for what they say. Real helpful. Not. They won’t even divulge their last name when I request it - It’s Mary S or Sam J. Ridiculous.

Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t even get a first name! And I never get a phone number or extension to reach them at later.

Hi, just heard today from Omnipod that my insurance approved the pump for my daughter. my insurance has a contract with Insulet so I will get my pods and PDM directly from them, they told me within the week.
Have you got you stuff yet? I hope so, good luck with i

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

And Edge Park FINALLY called me back earlier this week and said that they have resolved all the insurance issues, so (fingers crossed), I should be getting my Omnipod by tomorrow!!! :smiley:

Terrific, good luck. Got ours today

Congrats and good luck!!! :slight_smile:


If you do not get your OmniPod soon I do have a contact & extension for the Edgepark rep who I went through at the time.

Good luck!

Ok, spoke too soon, though we got our omnipod today for my daughter, I cant get an appointment for our start and training with her CDE for another 6 weeks the earliest. She is so disappointed. Oh well.

JoJo –

Omnipod has their own training team as well. Ours came out to our house and got us rolling, she was very good (a T1 herself and a nurse). I think it would be faster than 6 weeks.

Thanks! It came in the mail today! Now I just need to get myself in contact with a trainer, since my dr’s officer does not deal with Omnipod!