How long does the mastisol odor last?

So, I used mastisol for the first time today, about an hour ago. It still smells. Just wondering how long the odor lasts. Any idea?

I do not know! What is it? What is it for? I hope you will feel better soon.

You may be overly sensitive to the smell since you just started using it. I would actually suggest you ask someone (you trust) their judgement of how you smell. And don’t ask your significant other, they will just lie, cause that is a loaded question with only one correct answer (“you smell great dear!”). It may also help if you got extra mastisol around the insertion site to “clean” it up with some of the cleaner. I would make sure not to get any cleaner on the insertion site itself, that may just dissolve the adhesive and mean that you smell funny for no reason cause you site fall off. I suspect that mastisol has a formulation with a volatile like mineral spirits which should evaporate almost totally within an hour or two. You will likely find that you actually become accustomed to the slight odor it gives of for a couple hours and hardly notice it after that.