How long for any BS changes?

How long before you saw any BGL changes? I’ve been on Victoza for a week and haven’t seen any change in my levels, but have lost enough to go down a pant size. I’m not expecting an immediate change, but hope for some change.

I’m eating more heathfully than before Victoza and walking 1-2x/day. I’m hoping that going to the higher dose works for me.

(Background: Diagnosed 12/06. Levels were under control for over 3 years before everything started going higher and higher earlier this year. I was on 1000 mg metformin 2x/day and 10 mg extended release glipizide 2x/day with no reduction in levels.)


I saw results on the BS after two days but every ones body is different and sometimes it takes longer for some people,good luck and keep us posted .Jean

It took me a couple of weeks, but the results were stunning. You will be sweetly surprised.

Thanks, Jean64 and Terri! I’m trying to be patient. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Dear EmilyS I it would be something spectacular if you saw results in your blood glucose levels in a week I have lost 2 stone 7lbs and my BGL has dropped from 8.6 to 7 in 9 months so it does work well for me anyway after years and I mean years of struggling with weight and blood glucose levels of 21 or even higher at times you can see the difference victoza has made to me,great you are eating more healthfully and great you are able to walk more as you say when you right level of dosage is found for you I am sure things will improve keep up the great work best regards twiddleme thumbs

Yay! Day 8 on Victoza. I began it with my BG at 385 heading towards 400, and still I was in denial. I finally got frightened enough and on October 24th, began in ernest every morning at 10:00AM with .6. Today, day 8, my BG was 101!!!
Oh, I wish I could highlight every word that says Victoza! Hooray!

Thanks all for your info, and your encouragement, especially the gal who said after two weeks she had a “sweet surprise”.


Congratulations, Barbara! I’m glad you are seeing results in your BG levels.

I’m over 2 weeks in and still haven’t had any results. My levels are actually higher now on Victoza than before I started taking it.

I have been on victoza for a little over a month and I am now at the highest dosage and my BS are not coming down, my doc is giving it two more weeks at the higher dosage. I was really hoping this was going to work for me. Very frustrated. Doctor is this does not change anything in the two weeks with try janument, anyone been on this one? I am really happy to see that victoza has worked will for others.

I added in my glipizide and have started seeing reduction in my numbers. I hope that janument helps you! It is extremely frustrating to be working to reduce your numbers and not see results. I wish you the best!

Things are starting to settle down 2.5 weeks in, although I got a really high reading last week (32 - oh, dear!) but now they’re anything between 8 and 13 - still a bit on the high side, but heading in the right direction. The only problem I’ve had over the last week or two is the cold - talk about trying to get blood out of a stone!

It may have to do with timing. The peak after you eat may be later and that’s why you are having higher sugars. Look for a pattern. Some people are having peaks 3-4 hours after they eat, and if they bolus before meals the bolus doesn’t cover the peak time.

My numbers were more often in the target range fairly soon, but I didn’t see a reduction in my insulin use until I had been on the 1.2 dose for 2 or 3 weeks (except for the amount attributed to eating less). I had to reduce my insulin to carb ratio.

My numbers began dropping immediately... from 180s fasting, gradually dropping to this am's fasting number of 85. I'm pretty pleased overall. The other numbers are also dropping, but my 1 and 2 hr pps are still higher than I'd like - but I haven't adapted my menu much, especially because my stomach feels a bit "off" and what would be good blood sugar wise for breakfast (an egg, for example) is not a thing that sounds appealing in any way. So i't s a process... but I'm doing way better on Victoza than I was before Victoza, when I was eating more protien but bg was still not well controlled.